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Friday, 3 August 2018

Sembcorp Ind : The Ugly One!!!

With 2 cents dividends for H1 2018 declared down from 3 cts in H1 2017; may be one full circle back to 2002 yield cost. Still hope that SCI can successfully IPO its India unit before ending FY 18 and gives out special dividend.

Finally; Yield on Three Little Pigs for 2018 are completed.


  1. CW,

    The 2nd bottom chart is quite iluminating ;)

    1) Before 2007, if one employs straightline extrapolation, one can be excused to assume Keppel is the poorer cousin of Sembawang. Imagine rebalancing from Keppel to Sembawang after 2006!? Ouch!

    Driving looking at the rear view mirror is more comforting, but you may crash the car if you don't look ahead!

    2) There's an interesting trend after 2012 ;)

    There's an easy cycle with Sembawang.

    Keppel is all over the place - random as random does; but so very exciting! Not easy to get capital gains of 40% plus; never mind its dividend yield! Some yield hogs must be having thoughts on their convictions with REITS... LOL!

    3) DBS is stable and boring like hell if you measure with yield on cost of entry. If measured with yield on market price, then the yield will be all over the place ;)

    If don't count capital gains, I would think DBS is the ugly one ;)

    But then again, for those who easy to get heart attack with the roller coaster yields on Keppel and Sembawang, DBS would be so comforting!


  2. Haha SMOL,

    Just based on capital gains, the typical SReit CAGR over the last 10 years is a miserable 0.64%

    The majority of total returns (net total CAGR = 7.26%) is from the dividends (plus re-investing those dividends).

    Problem is .... how many yield hogs re-invest their dividends regularly & systematically? I suspect most will keep as cash or use for living expenses! :)

    I think that's why many yield hogs now also value & timing hogs ... price at which you pay makes a big difference! Hohoho!!

    S&P Singapore REIT Index (in SGD terms):

    Btw, if you bought a bunch of Reits in July 2003 when this index started (at value of 100), your net total CAGR over the last 15 years would be 12.49% .... If (that's a Big IF :)) you had re-invested the dividends.

    1. Oh, based on current index yield of 6.12% and price of $251, and starting price of $100 back in 2003:

      Current yield on cost is 15.36% ;)

      Yield hogs will wave it in other hogs faces LOL!

    2. Spur,

      I wonder those who attend courses on REITs or income stocks will do their own "trust but verify" research AFTER the course?

      CW, you, and me are all "hobbyists". The 3 of us combined can do better than Zugeliang? No?

      Hmm... Maybe next time people invite CW to give talks, he can share his 3 little pigs DIVIDEND KINGS story?

      If CW buy you and me a drink, we can help him out at his talks ;)

      I'll be the snake oil - just by calling his 3 little pigs DIVIDEND KINGS, we can sell some extra tickets! I can also workup the audience as opening foreplay :)

      You can be the stats man - I'm impressed with your proficiency in backtesting and drilling down of numbers! You backup CW with facts and figures; not hope and promises ;)

      We can also rope in temperament if he not so shy - he is excellent with quotations by famous investors/traders! The crowd will go weak in the knees... Oh! This so and so guru says so one...


    3. But....but...but......Dividend King Winn-Dixie bankrupted in 2005 leh!!!!

    4. Who interested in meeting hobbyists without the seriousness on how to make money in the market agenda? LOL!

    5. Unintelligent Nerd,

      No coffee for you!


      Yes, when it comes to our own money, be very fearful whenever anyone says sure win, bao jiak one!

      Remember the Nifty 50 in the US during the 50s and early 60s?

      They were the famous "one-decision" stocks recommended by vested interests to "investors" they can buy and hold FOREVER.

      That didn't turn out too well...

      Study history can be good for investing as it gives perspective.

      If empires and countries can come and go, it sure makes those who believe the companies they invested in will forever be in ascendence look like flat earth believers...

  3. Pot luck dinner la....
    Or just get 2 tables at restaurant. I very confident CW and SmOL can fill. Want homely one or atas one also have ...

  4. i believe most quotations comes after many "blood, sweat & tears".

    If U can apply it practically, there is much to gain from it's wisdom backing it.

    Of course, there are simple slogans not quotations to me like, "Make America Great Again" by No One snake-oil sale-man of USA.

    Investing in the stock markets can be guided by all these quotations from stock Gurus.

    If U break any of these quotations, most probably U will be losing money in the stock market.

    i did, of course.


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