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Friday, 17 August 2018

F&B workers in Singapore to be assessed if they can get on wage ladder (2)

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Read? F&B workers in Singapore to be assessed if they can get on wage ladder


Two outlets closed shop this month now. 

They truly practice cut losses to stop bleeding more cash!

Tough business!!! 

Any youth thinking of opening F&B business?

Left 14 outlets in 8 shopping malls and that is 2 outlets and 1 mall less than he has started on Jan 2017. 


  1. Look like high rate of failure in this sector for new comers.

  2. i think in the end, F&B business is working for the LandLord.

    1. Losers can come and go but landlord will continue to win unless the economy collapse

  3. Hi bro cw

    I feel that f&b now quite challenging as a lot big brand & good brand competitors & also have to compete with local hawkers nice & cheap food. I saw some youngster they open stall at pasar malam the idea not bad... Can test water at pasar malam 1st before invest big money in kitchen appliances, reno shop, get employee bla bla bla... just sharing :)


    1. Is starting F&B consider as Start Up and waiting for angel funding to grow? No?

  4. Hi bro cw

    Yes. Can get govern funding thats what I heard from a fren said...


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