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Saturday, 18 August 2018

The Power To Increase Price And Still Has Bloody Long Queue

Read? Inflation In Other Form And Not Necessary In Price Increase

20% increase in price or 20 to 30% decrease in size!

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  1. Ehh the png kueh seems to have expanded from 2017 😁

    1. LOL!. Different stall. This is how they manage inflation either through price or size. Inflation is always there. It is How?

    2. CW,

      I'm waiting for our fast food burgers to become like our Chinese pau - one bite finish!?

      I was laughing at the "tiny" burgers from those cheapo "value meals" from Burger King and Mcdonalds. OK, Mcdonald's slightly bigger.

      But its good marketing. $5 is to fight with food courts prices.

      If anyone wants to have a proper burger, then have to get the $8 plus set meals.

      Pull in customers with the cheapo $5 meals; inside the store try to Push the higher dollar value meals ;)

    3. Chinese pau - one bite finish?

      Amy Yip Chinese bun may need two person to bite. LOL!

    4. CW,

      Now you thinking like a man!

      I wonder how many of the youths today understood what Amy Yip pau meant ;)

      OMG, how old is she now? Long time no see her liao...

      I'm into her tiny waist than her two humongous ding-a-ling-ding-dings!?


    5. A pow store at Paya Sq.really advertise Amy Yip pow.


  2. Not only decrease in size or amount but also cut corners in ingredients.

    The last action is very stupid and short sighted in my view.

    i feel hawker foods increase in prices are acceptable by people if taste & quality keep on improving.

  3. i think taste wise, Malaysian hawker foods are generally better.


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