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Thursday, 9 August 2018

How I generate "Passive" Income During De-compounding Phase Of Investing Journey?

Somehow this approach is not in the main stream of retail investors' investing strategy to generate "passive" income from investment portfolio. Right?

The idea of retained earning from investment which can be draw-down and letting the capital to seek higher returns over volatile market cycles.

Different strategy. Different Game Plan.


  1. A lot of similarities.

    No SRS and not yet yearly withdrawal interests from CPF(my wife's).

    Me has been enticed to join CPF LIFE because on MSS monthly withdrawal was less by i think 30 to 50 dollars.

    Yes, never say never if CPF LIFE offers better monthly withdrawal than on MSS.

    Or i have been hookwin

  2. Hookwinked or not, monthly withdrawal sum is definitely more.

    1. temperament,

      MSS is definitely more per month UNTIL the money runs out.

      CPF Life wins if you live beyond 90 and want to die but cannot die.

      CPF Life sucks if you die at age 71. Period. (Its a veiled poke to those who plan to receive more CPF Life by delaying the CPF payouts to 70. You plan; heaven decides.)

      Then there's "speculation" involved since now got 3 plans to choose from. Which one is better depends a lot of WHEN you know you will DIE. Should be "a piece of cake" for long term investors. No? LOL!

      MSS sucks big time when the money runs out before you go sell salted eggs.

      With CPF Life, we can sponge on on those who chose the "wrong" CPF Life plans or die younger than they have "forecasted", to subsidise us. Hello socialism!

      The good thing about MSS is the black and white precision. How much we can take per month, how much our dependents will receive when we die, its precision up to 2 decimal places. When the money will run out is not a forecast. Your money is YOUR money. It's not mixed with others in a pool.

      As for CPF Life, Even the "experts" have a hard time figuring what's inside the black box. Its murky grey at best. And the plan options keep changing all the time. Want to bet one day it will be one plan only? Or maybe one plan for every colours of the rainbow?

      Which CPF Life plan is good for you and me? We have no clue unless we know precisely when we will die ;)

      What do you know?

      At age 55, everyone has become a "speculator"!

      And on the side of big daddy when it comes to population growth.

      My math is poor. But I do know one thing. CPF Life works if more people comes into the scheme than those claiming from it.

      All bets are off when the people claiming from it outnumbers the new members coming in!

      OK, lets vote population 10 million!!!

    2. Sorry SMOL,

      i mean i finally opt for CPF LIFE which i never wanted to, because monthly payout was 30 to 50 dollars more per month, not less.

    3. temperament,

      We know. You have told us you are on CPF Life in the past.

      And we can sense your "buyer's remorse" ;)

    4. A little, because i think in my case i should have chosen BASIC LIFE.

      More bequest but i think i will leave behind more than enough for my only son and then some.

    5. temperament,

      I wish you a long and healthy life! (Then all 3 plans don't matter)

  3. This strategy is about make hay while sun shines. When the sun is not shining bright, sit back and relax as there is really nothing much to do.

  4. Yes like i have said, "i don't want to go up the mountain again. Once is more than enough. Besides, not necessary to confront the mountain tiger again. And can't afford to do so anyway. Unlike when i was a newly minted DIY BEI KAMING.


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