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Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Financial Independence And Investing Freedom???

Financial independence gives us options to work or not as we don't really have to work for income.

How about investing freedom?

It gives us option to stay partially invested as we don't really need the dividend income to fully cover our household expenses. LOL!


  1. Good to achieve both financial and investing independence.

  2. So i presume money in CPF & in the banks are not investments?

    So must be CPF LIFE too?

  3. An investment is only an investment when there is a high possibilty of losing it all or at least some of it's capital.

    And the ROI may not even equal to savings.

    If U don't mind about inflation why risk more than necessary-at least for the short terms.

    1. Some inflation in the form of reduced quantity may actually be good for older folks who don't need to eat or consume more. LOL!

    2. Eating two prawns is healthier than three for older folks who are worry of high cholesterol but still want to eat hokkien mee. Thank inflation in this form. Ha ha!

    3. And don't forget a full blood count at least at some clinic once per year.

      i happen to know from a multi millionaire's driver who told me his boss has blood test almost every 2 weeks or so because his children are all doctor.


    4. temperament,

      The multi millionaire likes to get "poked"?

  4. No lah.

    A full blood count is the 1st basic test.

  5. Must be 4 Ks typical Singaporean lah.


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