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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Simple Formula To Generate Your Dividend Income

This simple formula is C = D + 1.

I can. You can!

Six digits dividend income?

Five digits dividend income?

C = D + 1

C= 6 digits + 1

C = 7

Go and accumulate 7 digits capital. 

Do you know any investment or financial blogger who does 

C = D - 1?

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  1. Use leverage lorr :)

    Or sell your HDB, buy 2 condos LOL!

    Ehhh actually for safe 6-digit dividends, a low 7-digit capital will not be quite sufficient.

    $120K dividends from $1M portfolio? Unless you build it up over many years ... buying solid dividend growing companies at cheap prices.

    Otherwise there's always margin accounts! :)

  2. Even if U have $1 Million, do U really want to put all in the stock market?

    Really can survive on the dividend generated year after year?

    Then why CW8888 has a CPF perpetual gratuity of $1 Million and not put it all in the stock market?


    1. One very serious question to think about is :

      Can our spouse or dependent take over our investment portfolio and continue to re-invest and manage for dividend income?

      I know my spouse can't so it is better to pass over bulk of it as liquid assets.

    2. As for this question, a trust can be set up.

      Nevertheless, how to find a trustee FOC, who is willing?

      In fact, i have been thinking a bank can be a trustee, how about a religious organisation?

      Can a Church be a "trustee"?

    3. A limited FOC trusstee is possible using CPF BOARD?

      But U have no say in the terms of the trust.

    4. For me, CPF as a perpetual gratuity makes sense now because of QE and very, very low FD rate.

      Besides, it satisfies the safety of asset allocation.

      i am far, far from very "smarts" who are so sure of what they are doing - No diversification of assets but concentration.

      i just tikam, tikam my assets lah.


    5. Uncle Temperament,

      Yes, some church organizations have voluntary estate planners who are willing to manage donor funds on behalf of the organization.

    6. May i know what or who are they?

      Thanks for sharing.

    7. Hi Uncle Temperament,

      It is with an organization I am affiliated with. In one of their newsletters, an estate planner who wanted to give back to the organization volunteered to offer his services to others who wanted to leave a portion of their estate to said organization.

    8. It just someone volunteer in an organisation?

      What i mean can a Church acts like a Bank as trustee; not a volunteer in the Church?

    9. Church is neither the bank nor the trustee; it is the recipient of people's estates. The volunteer helps to formalize the relationship between the donor and the recipient.

    10. LOL!

      Duck and chicken talking.

      One is asking can the church take care of my son for "free" when I'm gone?

      The other is hinting do you want to make a "donation" first?

      "Open door see mountain" speak lah!

    11. temperament,

      If you can't trust a relative or church friend to take care of your financial affairs when you are gone, what makes you think a stranger will do a better job?

      And if the stranger is wiling to do it for "free", and alarms bell don't ring in your head, then nothing else matters...

      Remember the Chinese tour guide who is most willing to take care of his newly found Singaporean god-mother for "free"?

      I believe you have got all the answers already. You are merely shopping around for "free" 2nd opinions to verify against those you have found from paid sources ;)

      You har!

    12. An intitution like Bank can be a trustee of course hell of expensive but it is better than an individual.

      i just have wild idea can a religious institution acts as a bank as trustee?

      Of course after the beneficiary is gone the Church should have the spoilt.

    13. SMOL, have U been a trustee before?

      A beneficiary can sue the trustee if he thinks he has been negligent in his duty.

      Don't even have to be on purpose or corrupt.

    14. And of course much cheaper and better because at the end of day the Church will the "remainder".


      It is the best of both worlds.

    15. temperament,

      See? You've got all the answers ;)

      No, I've never been a trustee before.

      But I can read between the lines.

      1. The cheapest and simplest is a plain vanilla Will. Then all you need is an Administrator for your Will.

      2. A Will Trust is more suitable if the beneficiary can't fend for himself. Then we need a Trust - more parties involved and definitely not free and more expensive :(

      3. The biggest disadvantage of a Will Trust is although the beneficiary can sue the trustee, the process is slow, expensive, and often difficult to bring a dishonest trustee to account...

      All your concern about "expensive" is just smoke and mirrors. Your main worry is about people, and rightly so!

      I wish that someone you are searching for will appear soon to lessen the weight on your mind.


      I see in you a father's love.

  3. For those who trust govt :) and whose spouse is relatively healthy, got long lived parents-in-laws etc can opt for "Enhanced" CPF nomination.

    Whereby your CPF is used to top up your spouse's RA and Medisave up to the FRS or ERS limit (your choice) as well as the BHS limit. Any excess CPF then pass on as cash.

    The RA will be used for CPF Life.

    So you're tapping on the govt as trustee to manage annuity for spouse. Hohoho.

    If your networth is mostly outside of CPF in cash / stocks etc, then perhaps a trusted family member can help to top up your spouse's RA (up to FRS or ERS limit) for bigger CPF Life payouts.

    All these you should spell out in your Will.

    There's also annuity products from private insurers .... but doubt if the payouts are as good as CPF Life (I may be wrong).

  4. Last time, I checked. For bank trustee. Minimum asset to set up is $5M

  5. Mark 8:36-38 King James Version (KJV)
    36 For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

    37 Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?

  6. “生 不 带 来, 死 不 带 去。“

    So it is always good if U can leave something behind for your next generation.

    This generation planted the tree saplings so that the next generation may bask in their shades.

    And never be like the Najib's or Trump's.


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