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Sunday, 12 August 2018

How Come Investing Courses Can't Be Advertised Like Skills Future Courses???

For example:


Appreciate and develop a strong foundation in computational thinking, one of the core competency life skills in the 21st century, through digital animation and 2D game development using a simple-to-use, visual block-based software and unleash your creativity.

Learning outcome:

• Able to appreciate and understand simple programming.

• Able to program using a drag and drop type of software, Scratch.

• Able to apply good computational practice in creating a program.

• Able to create simple games or applications.

Straight forward without snake oil marketing that you will become financial independence or freedom after training.

In fact; investing is skill future training for most of us to be able to generate some, part or full retirement income for life from our investment portfolio based on our account size and risk management.



  1. Actually investing / trading courses should focus 80%-90% on psychology ... The FATA techniques & secret kungfu moves really just constitute 10%-20% importance. Problem is people will not be interested LOL!

    Hence in real life, most people need to go thru baptism by fire to understand themselves & know what kind of investing suits them ... If at all -- some are just not suited for hands on investing.

    In fact much more important to inculcate good personal finance culture. Investing is only a small subset of personal finance. There are many aspects of personal finance which are more fundamental & important than investing.

    If you can imagine personal finance as the old food pyramid ... investing will only come in at the top layer i.e. the salt, oil, sugars! Hahaha! ��

    1. I thought savings from hard earned income is the Mother who is giving birth to Baby Investor and then inject monthly or regular doses of Vitamin M to help Baby Investor grows stronger year on year while Baby Investor regularly received Panadols to ease heartache and happy to see how much portfolio has grown in size. LOL!

    2. Heehee Uncle8888, your simple statement "savings from hard earned income is the Mother" already got many important aspects! :)

      Maximising earnings & optimising expenses, budgeting, cashflows, importance of education & skills, how to identify changing job/industry skills, delayed gratification, job / career management, seeking mentorship in profession, passion versus competence, hard skills versus soft skills, intelligence vs attitude, property as expense or investment, combining various platforms as holistic system e.g. CPF, SRS, insurance, savings accounts, govt bonds, automated investing, discretionary investing/trading; why it's normal for stocks to drop 50%, what to do about it, importance of psychology, stomach vs brain in investing, etc.

      At the end of the day ... what is more important to an average salary person? Ability to maintain employability, improve salary or trying to develop trading / investing skills like Buffett & Peter Lynch? :)

      Most people will do well as long as don't do dumb things, keep abreast of job/industry changes, keep expenses low, right-size housing, set aside 20%-30% into auto globally diversified low-cost investments.

      To me, many of those so-called FIRE talk is simply another way of saying "Get rich quick". They are targeting the same brain centre! :)

  2. To me, almost everything is based on psychology at the end of the day.

    Your IQ may be super but then your psyche may be the deciding factor not your IQ.

    Though IQ is big bonus if your psychology is "right".


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