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Monday, 11 December 2017

Value Cai Png/Moi



  1. For those senior citizens on monthly pass and plenty of time to burn. There are value meals across the land of Singapore.

  2. My grandfather(a Hakka) married a Teochew.

    Maybe because of that, i love to eat "Teochew Muay" and Meow(i like fish too.

  3. Plenty of time can go jalan jalan to those free meals at various temples. :)

    I tried at S'pore Buddhist Lodge a few times ... good spread of vege dishes. Meat lovers too bad!! Haha!! Just need to wash your eating utensils after makaning. And can make small donation --- up to you.

    Another one I tried was at the Central Sikh Temple ... also vegetarian. Not bad coz I love Indian food, especially the northern variety! Hohoho!!

    Some of these places, if super thick-skin can stay 12 hrs and eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner. Plenty of interesting people too.

  4. Hi spur

    May i know where is this Central Sikh Temple? I am meat lover but i like this north indian sikh vegetarian food. Is very nice but not cheap. Simple 3 dish with white rice & daal can cost me $8... don't dare to add on chappatti & Masala tea... will be more ex...

    Thanks :)

    1. It's at Towner Rd .... visible from Boon Keng MRT ... less than 5 min walk.

      No masala tea, haha.

      Oh ... you need to cover your head with scarf. Guys also --- supposed to be turban, but I end up looking like cross-dressing! Hohoho!!!

    2. Thanks ya:)
      Near boon keng mrt... think I know where liao... me last time stay at bendemeer rd 1... hehehe
      I never wear any headscarf before lei... I need to think think 1st... hehehe


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