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Friday 8 December 2017

Turning 55 - and enjoying financial freedom (6)

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Read? Turning 55 - and enjoying financial freedom (5)

One year has passed so fast!

To confirm below understanding in Dec 2016

For retirees thinking of using their CPF to build fixed income annuity; the best time to withdraw all these interests from SA, OA and MA is at first two weeks in every December after 5th December when interests for November has been credited. You will have 11 months of interests to withdraw. That is max and leaving interests for Dec to become principal in the following year. We will have perceptual fixed income annuities for life with our principal intact for beneficiaries. Good? Right?

Uncle8888 today went to CPF Branch to apply for withdrawal of interests in CPF SA and CPF OA from Jan to Nov 2017. The counter staff repeated several time before the actual application of withdrawal of CPF interests is ESTIMATED to be $23,XXX. LOL!

Uncle8888 told her he will just withdraw $23,000. Ha ha!

Uncle8888 told her next month he will come again to withdraw interests for Dec 2017. She replied that he can't withdraw any interests next month as in Jan 2018. All interests in CPF for 2017 will be credited and become principal in Jan 2018.


  1. Don't understand. When is the optimum date to withdraw the interest? Why in Jan 2018 cannot withdraw the Dec? Me sotong

    1. CPF is a complex scheme!

      Layman thinking doesn't work. Sotong also bo pian!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. OA interest $23,xxx, means OA total ~$920K.

    Net OA contribution ~$620K
    Investment gain ~$300K

    clap 3X~

  4. Alamak!

    Goal post will be shifted soon lah.

    It's a matter of when only-Just like our Goh Say Tax.

    The latest goal post shifted is those who are on MMS, now change to RSS must start to withdraw at age 70.

    So CW, enjoy your PERPETUAL ANNUITY with PRINCPLE intact while U can.

    U confirm only can withdraw 11 months of interest from OA & SA is the Max by practcal or CPF's staff says so?

    1. After 5 working days when money is credited, I will know whether the principal in CPF OA and SA are affected or not?

  5. No worries ... goal posts haven't changed yet. If anything, the goal posts will make it later & longer to take out money. :)

    The 70 age limit to withdraw is referring to Min Sum Scheme in the RA account and CPFLife.

    The monies in your OA, SA & MA can don't touch till up lorry.

    In fact, CPF will likely increase this 70 age limit in the coming years. Ask people to start their CPFLife later & later! I won't be surprised if the minimum starting age of 65 be increased to 67 soon. Hoho!!

    As for interests becoming part of principal on 1st Jan, and being treated as principal thereafter .... this has been the case since ...oh .... 20++ years liao. At least ever since they have the separate OA and SA accounts.

    Since SA pays higher interest, govt wants you to withdraw from SA 1st, then OA. There is a sequence of withdrawal priority:-

    1) Year-to-date interest of SA.
    2) YTD interest of OA.
    3) SA principal.
    4) OA principal.

    If your withdrawal request if greater than combined YTD interests, then CPF will start taking from your SA principal.

    If you wait until after New Year's Day, then you can only withdraw the current year-to-date interests ... not enough then CPF will start refunding you from your SA, then followed by OA.

    1. Sorry, I still don't understand the issue here! If the dec 2017 interest credited into SA and become the SA or OA principal of 2018, can't we just take out the interest amount from the SA principal, isn't it the same and leaving the original 2017 principal untouch? As per the above 1, 2, 3 & 4 withdrawal priority?

    2. (1) Non issue if just withdraw CPF SA Dec interest only

      (2) If withdraw both CPF SA and CPF OA Dec interests; then interests from CPF OA dec is paid out of the principal in CPF SA i.e. big daddy is making members feeling buay song or lugi out future 4% risk fee interests!


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