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Thursday 21 December 2017

$24 million iced tea company says it's pivoting to the blockchain, and its stock jumps more than 200%

Read? $24 million iced tea company says it's pivoting to the blockchain, and its stock jumps more than 200%

Walau! Sound like dotcom era liao!


  1. Yah,,,those day whichever company have name of .com or related were up like crazy,,,,I think all our blue chips companies should announce that they will invest in blockchain,,then we will see STI suddenly up by 100% ,,,we all huat liao!!
    Cheers. :)

  2. May be it is going to be better experience than dotcom bubble as more younger ones are into this Game of bubble! Some are school going speculators!

  3. CW,

    Remember S-chips before the accounting scandals? Anything got China people will chase the IPOs.

    Then there was Myanmar, water stocks, O&G, etc.

    Now people use fancy name like Thematic investing?

    Hello? Flavour of the year say flavour of the year lah!

    2017 is the year for blockchains ;)

    We have read about past manias from books. Now we have the opportunity to participate in one.

    Its a good test on how much we can learn from books and history!

  4. To be quiet honest. The situation today bears certain resemblance from the dot com bubble. Back then, anything companies that are associated with the internet or 'dot.com' have their stocks rise over 100% the day it's IPO is out and scaling new highs each trading day.

    Today, anything to do with blockchain is repeating surging and scaling new high too! But hold on right there.. I might be the stupid one in the bubble too :)

  5. Akan datang .....SPH change to SB(lockchain)H?

  6. Yeah, companies around the world (esp US) have been pulling this stunt for the past 6 months & seeing their stock prices rocket up. Singapore too slow liao! Hahaha!!!

    Those highlighted in news seems ludicrous becoz on the surface their main biz appears so far away from blockchain or tech, but they will weave a sexy story to it. E.g. drinks manufacturer can say using blockchain for its logistics & distribution channels. Hey Coke earns a huge percentage of its profits from bottling, canning & logistics / transport businesses!

    And Berkshire Hathaway went from making T-shirts to finance & insurance! Buffett later regretted buying the company due to petty emotion (he wanted to fire the CEO who he felt disrespected him).

    ComfortBlockchain, S'pore Blockchain Hldgs, SingBlockchain, Blockchain-1, StarBlockchain, NobleBlockchain ... strike when the iron is hot!! Hohoho!!!

    I love it when bubbles come together!! :)

    2018 will be a blockbuster year. Although I suspect some scary corrections in the 1st few months.

  7. 200% is peanuts compared to other US listed unknown penny stocks that rode the cryptocurrency bandwagon this month.
    This one below went from 1 cent to a high of $642:

    SEC halts trading in crypto firm after eye-popping rise

    And this one below went from $4 to a high of $142:

    A Small Fintech Stock Surged 2,600% in a Week After Announcing It’s a Crypto Company

    And now, an unknown SG company issues it's own cryptocurrency and opens a cryptocurrency cafe in Shenton Way:

    Singapore cryptocurrency cafe launches as regulators sound

  8. I see people at forum say Bitcoin dropping now...

  9. Young ones are having fun with Bitcoin. Let see how young bloggers write on Bitcoin!

    Bitcoin is unlike those days of dotcom bubbles where many have punted thousands and few hundred K into these dotcom shares and showing off in the cyber world.

    What I see is most bloggers are betting small small into Bitcoin. May be I have missed out those bloggers who bet a few hundred K into Bitcoin. Have or not?


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