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Sunday, 3 December 2017

Diversify Your Investment Risks Through ETFs or Investment Portfolio Management???

Are ETFs the only way to diversify your investment risks as sold by ETF's snake oil?

Hmm .... 

Risks and Return on Capital.

Risks come loss of permanent capital. Volatility is not yet risk when we have adequate level of war chest to participate in market volatility AND we DON'T REALLY DEPEND on our investment portfolio asset draw - down to partially fund our annual household expenses.   

Focus on our portfolio management; we too can achieve that same effect of diversification of investment risks; not through Method i.e. by holding big number of stocks but Money Management.

Cap any potential losers but let the current winners generate cash flow and that becomes our ROC. Our own capital doesn't even need to be fully invested to generate this yield. 

How much can ETF yield for our invested capital? 

5% , 6% or 7%?

Uncle8888's portfolio management may generate conservatively at 5.7% for 2018 and he still has large fire power to fight market correction or the next Bear. 


  1. "Tell me where I'm going to die, so I won't go there" Charlie Munger.

    ... promised 18% return per year is a scam tell-tale sign.

    1. Rayng,

      Its just a joke har!

      I think I better don't stand next to you in the toilet...

      But if during range shooting, everyone of us would welcome you to shoot beside us ;)



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