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Saturday 23 December 2017

Enjoy "Free" Coffee Black With Unlimited B.M.W And Read Newspapers

Benefit of senior citizens who have plenty of spare time - unlimited B.M.W. at $60 per month!

Nowadays, Uncle8888 no longer goes to Hougang NLB to read  Business Times and also it has been long time since he last bought a cup of kopi o kosong to drink alone at Kopitiam or Ya Kun. 

Almost everyday except on public holidays; he will go for "free" coffee black, hot green tea and read his newspapers somewhere. 

On some days, he would get more "free" up to two or three time a day when he was thirsty or need to charge up his mobile phone. LOL!

He seldoms leave without bringing out a bottle of water!

"Free" is shiok! Right?


  1. Look atas.. free some more?
    Where is it?

    1. "free" to trade off war chest at low interest rate and enjoy "free" while waiting for Mr Bear to party

    2. I think it is premium bank privilege lah.

      This word reveal already ""free" to trade off war chest at low interest rate".

  2. CW,

    Better don't share!

    Wait other freeloaders go crowd out that place and "kang tao" broken!

    You must be on first name basis with the mei meis there?


    1. Same as food queue. No share too much to avoid adding to longer queue. :-)

    2. Not everyone can go there and enjoy lah.... unless you're privilege customer.

      But hor, DBS treasurers centre very crowded. No longer comfort and quiet.

  3. Some will know how to know. Not all readers are being kambing.

  4. Premier banking with any of the banks. Just dump in $200+K or $350+K ... maybe can request for tour of lounge facilities before deciding which bank hahaha!!!

    Not free lah ... even if do nothing they already earn from the low interest rates they give you. Sometimes will give slightly better rates for savings or FDs but still miserable lah.

    Of course they will seek their chio bu's (or yan tau's) on you for "investment" ... dual currency, structured deposits, bancassurance, forex, mortgage loans for investment or overseas properties, stocks trading with "professional in-depth market analysis reports for privileged customers" ... LOL!!!

  5. Hi bro cw

    Can bring guest in with u or not arh???


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