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Thursday, 9 August 2018

How Do Gurus Know Their Secret Method Or Strategies Work???

You will often read something this ...

We use intensive market data back-testing of strategies or secret method or secret formula to prove or show that it can generate 10 to 15% ROC. This is our secret method or strategies which you cannot learn from any investment book outside.

Hmm ... like that arh! 

You can! I can! LOL!

Not using any market data back-testing!

Here is all real data set over the last 17 years from Jan 2000 to Aug 2018

Uncle8888's proven secret method or strategies to generate at least 6% CAGR! LOL!

Hmm ... 

When Uncle8888 generates 10 to 15% CAGR then can charge $5K training course.


  1. CW,

    Track record triumphs backtesting any day!

    If we go to an operation, who would we prefer?

    A surgeon who had lots of experience and track record doing the same operation, or do we prefer one who had lots of "success" on the simulation machine and you are the surgeon's virgin real human patient?

    I never trust a chef who does not eat his own cooking.

  2. Track record of a surgeon in an operating theather is not exactly comparable to an investing Guru in operating in the stock theatre.

    Circumstances, situations and conditions are so much different in the stock theater compare to an operating theater.


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