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Sunday, 19 August 2018


So Uncle8888 is known as Merdeka Generation. :-)

Besides specific healthcare initiatives, the Prime Minister was also keen to remember another group of Singaporeans who have contributed significantly to nation-building: Those who were born in the 1950s, or the “Merdeka Generation”, of which there are 500,000 today.

Mr Lee recognised that when the Government introduced the Pioneer Generation Package in 2014 for those born in 1940 or earlier, Singaporeans who are a little younger would have just missed out. It did give those who were born between 1950 and 1959 annual Medisave top-ups of S$100 or S$200 but “a Medisave top-up is not quite the same thing as the Pioneer Generation Package”, he added.

As most of those in the Merdeka Generation are in their 60s today, and will have either left the workforce or will soon be retiring, Mr Lee said this group will be looking at their Central Provident Fund (CPF) savings and Medisave accounts and worry about having enough for their medical needs as they age.

“I think we owe something to them,” he said.

As such, he announced the Government will work out a Merdeka Generation Package, which will help this group meet their medical expenses. It will cover similar areas as the Pioneer Generation Package such as outpatient subsidies, Medisave top-ups, MediShield Life premium subsidies and payouts for long-term care.

He added that the Government will set aside a “significant sum” for the package, with more details to be announced next year.

“The benefits will not be as large as for the Pioneer Generation, who had much less advantage in life,” Mr Lee said. “But the Merdeka Generation Package will go some way to relieve their healthcare worries.

“And more importantly, it will show our appreciation for the Merdeka Generation and their contributions.”



  1. The other name is Baby Boomers Generation. Made far more babies than generations after theirs !

    1. CW,

      Thanks for doing your "national service"!

      3 is surplus enough to replace you and your wife :)

      Of course I shall hang my head in shame. Sorli, sorli.

      I'm a freeloader :(

      I consumed; but never replant tress that were cut-down.

  2. Ha! Ha!

    "Goh says tax" coming sooner than expected, i think.

    1. VERS allows old folks to move to retirement kampung and free more land space.

    2. CW and temperament,

      If people think VERS would be like the "windfall" like SERS, I think they would be disappointed.

      Its like you apply for job and people headhunt you - same same but different!

      VERS I suspect would be like the Silver Housing Bonus or Sale and Lease Back schemes 2.0 with extra improved ingredients!

      Benefits have to be slightly better; if not residents would just sell back the lease or move and downgrade before their 99 year leases are up.

      Policy chaanges are fun when you benefit from them :)

      P.S. Oh! Congrats CW for being Merdeka generation!

    3. I suspect moire on encouraging more old folks move into retirement village or kampung

    4. CW,

      The last Kampong Lorong Buangkok is already history...

      Changi Village and Holland Village are not what we call low cost living areas...

      Plus Pulau Ubin may one day become our first off the mainland HDB town estate...

      Luckily, we have good relations with Johor.

      I won't be surprised one day we'll have "win-win" joint ventures with JB - they provide the land and manpower, we provide the financing and "lau kok kok" clienteles!

      Then big daddy will monetise these retirement club paradises (we should never call them exile camps) into REITs and list them on SGX.

      Yield hogs will salivate and everyone happy!

      Except for one tiny "challenge"...

      If a person has been a vegetable (stay at one place) all their lives, what are the odds they will move?

      But no one should stand in the way of progress and prosperity. Poplulation 10 million here we come!

    5. SG-style retirement "kampung" like at Admiralty MRT. Full of studio flats, CHAS clinics, physio centre / gym, near polyclinic, cheap foodcourt, NTUC / minimart, resident vegetable / fruit garden etc. But don't think can keep chickens?!? Hohoho!

      Oldies encouraged to work part-time at shops & businesses there for pocket money and stay economically active.

      But new ones will be 80-storeys high to maximise land space. Lift break down jialat! Kekeke!!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.


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