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Sunday, 5 August 2018

Basic Passive Income For Life Starting From 65 Through CPF Life

This will be passive income for life till the next Government crisis or drastic change in CPF retirement payout policy.

Starting from Sep 2021 at about $828 per month or $27 per day.

Updated after comment by Spur 

As more and more cyber people cpcb on inflation so CPF bo pian has to introduce CPF Life Escalating plan to shut these loud mouths.

How good is the new plan?


  1. Ehhh Uncle8888,

    Me tot u under MSS? Don't tell me thinking about switching to CPF Life :O

    The Basic plan is the one most similar to MSS in terms of monthly quantum & bequest.

    Escalating plan is good for those who think they will live to 90++.

    By around 86, both Standard & Escalating plans would have paid out similar amounts in total.
    Note that current life expectancy is 81 for males & 85 for females ;)

    For those who doubt they'll live long and/or who don't need the higher monthly payout, then Basic is probably better as the bequest is really much higher than the other 2 plans.

    For those who need the money, then Standard will likely be better as Escalating is too expensive & requires (1) too long a time to reach the same payout as Standard, and (2) requires a person to live way beyond the life expectancy in order to "gain" meaningfully. :)

  2. CW, you have to consider the bequest amount.

    The bequest is zero @80 for Standard and Escalating plan whereas the Basic plan, it still has substantial amount.

  3. Hi Uncle. Your monthy payout seems to be lower than those showed on CPF website. Is it because your minimum sum was lower?

    1. My time at 55, minimum sum is lower. I didn't top up.


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