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Tuesday, 28 August 2018

6 in 10 tapped into CPF funds after 55: CPF Board

Read? 6 in 10 tapped into CPF funds after 55: CPF Board

CW8888: Cash is still King!


  1. Just wonder the rational of putting withdrawn money into bank deposit. Is bank deposit interest higher than CPF?

  2. i made the same mistake because i was thinking a bird in my hand was worth 2 in the bush.

    Then the worst thing happened - QE & zero to negative FD.

    Imagine how much yearly CPF's interest i had lost.

    If we need some cash at 55, i think we are allowed partial withdrawal.

    In fact, partial withdrawal is permissable from 55 to 69?

    1. temperament,


      Lucky CW did not think like you!

      There must be some wisdom that survived centuries in saying a bird in hand is worth 2 in the bush ;)

      Imagine if CW had voluntarily contributed to CPF or transferred from OA to SA during 2008/09.

      Then he would not have won back the same way he had lost ;)

      Let cash rot in the bank. Cash is not king if we can't deploy them when we want to!

      When the other shoe dropped, that's how we can buy the next door property at $100K cheaper than our neighbours, plus saving the extra bank interests multiplied by 20-30 years!? Or for those who hate to be in debt, $100K less means you can get out of debt sooner :)

      Alternatively, we can also buy the same equities at 50% cheaper than so called "value investors". And when mean reversion happens, the yield on cost will be double digits and make CPF interests rates so "weak" in comparison ;)

      Peasants look at cash different from land owners. They see the big bush and ignore the small carrot underground.

      That's why wannebe land owners can offer up to 18% in peer-to-peer loans to attract cash into their pockets!

      temperament, you mistake is you didn't have the courage to pull the trigger during 2009. And that's probably you didn't have enough CASH.

    2. On the contrary, i didn't even touch my wife's CPFIS and i still have pot of cash for at least 2 years of living.

      Yet i have really invested "too much" in terms of real hard cash.

      In terms of total assets, it was only 40 to 50 %.

      Like what U always like to say, "Going up mountain (investing) is so much different from coming down the mountain (investing).

      To me i was not ready to meet the tiger again, coming down the mountain as i had already collected some prized goodies.

      Can siam one , no need to be so greedy again one more time like in 1987/88.


    3. temperament,

      That's why I had to "challenge" you when I see you trying to act cute and "coddle" bei kambing.

      What the fish with: "i made the same mistake because i was thinking a bird in my hand was worth 2 in the bush."

      Bei kambing just believe whatever people say literally.

      CW on vacation. I help him "clean house" ;)

  3. No lah, i was really afraid of our G may shift gaol post or if there is a change of G, what then?

    Even now i am worry about the same thing as my wife's CPF & CPFIS are still intact.

    U know lah all investors should always be in a "paranoid" state because we all know never say never in the investment world.

    Do you feel the same?

    "Bu par wan yi, zi par yi wan"?

    Also because of QE & Zero to very low bank FD, many people of my or CW's cohorts just have no choice but leave CPF & CPFIS as it is.

    When FD rate have move to 3% or greater U will definitely see CPF OA's money migrate to private institutions.

    1. temperament,

      We have been poking each other for so long that we know how each of us feel about CPF, big daddy, and investment philosophy ;)

      So when I see "spear and shield" comments, I don't give chance!


      What's the track record of big daddy?

      Just like the sun will rise in the east, the goal posts will be moved.

      How many "revisions" have they made for CPF Life so far?

      Guarantee more will come.

      Especially if people are living longer than "forecasted". And if the percentage of working adults to support the CPF Life scheme is dwindling, and not increasing... What horrors!

      CPF may appear to look "attractice" because of central banks' zero to negative interest rate policies now. But I remember a time when anyone and everyone can easily get higher yields and interests rates OUTSIDE of CPF.

      Youths too young to remember got excuse.

      We both do not ;)

    2. This reminds me of SSB.

      i think people who already have so much money in CPF, should think twice about buying SSB even for temporary storage.

      But then if SSB got into problem, will LITTLE RED DOT still untouched?

    3. temperament,

      That is why landowners don't just talk about it, they act.

      You look at countries like Turkey, Argentina, Venezuela, South Africa. You sit around and do nothing that's your own business. Landowners would have diversified and ensconced part of their assets OVERSEAS and denominated in several safe haven currencies.

      In Athens, I've seen first hand how the wealth destruction is not spread equally. Those who had assets OUTSIDE of Greece suffered less.

      And we have our own 1997 Asian Financial Crisis. Just look how Thai and Indonesian landowners handle their wealth today. Got coups some more OK? Put everything they own in their own currency and country anyone?

      Look at Thaksin. Would he be able to live a comfortable life in exile if he had all his assets in Thailand for others to freeze and appropriate?

      You think why so many rich Mainland Chinese are getting their money out of China by buying so many overseas properties? And sending their children out to study and work overseas? And they do that Indonesian thing by buying life insurance policies denominated in HKD or USD. Better do some hedging againt RMB devaluation...

      What do we do? Complain, complain. Then give money to big daddy? Now if that's not "spear and shield", I don't know what is!


  4. Those with limited bullets can pump some to the recent new bond etf, instead of keep ssb. Safe or not, I dunno.


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