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Friday, 27 November 2020

STI Investing reaches $2b milestone

 STI Investing reaches $2b milestone

“Within the STI, the five stocks DBS, UOB, OCBC, SATS and Ascendas REIT have seen the highest net institutional inflows so far this month, with their average 23% gains driven by $1.4b of net institutional inflows,” said SGX.

“The Assets under Management (AUM) of the two STI ETFs took 17 years to reach the $1b milestone in June 2019, and just 17 months to reach the $2b threshold,” reported SGX. “The SPDR STI ETF crossed the $1b threshold for the first time in its history back in June 2020, and the two STI ETFs have seen approximately $900m of net inflows or net unit creations in 2020 to 24 November.”


  1. People afraid or losing Faith in Fiat currency System?

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Perhaps the talk in recent months about Straits Times Index being a loser compared to U.S stock indices marked the bottom of STI.

  4. S&P 500 closes at another record Friday, gains 2% on week

    Money flows into stocks. Free flowing path with less resistance. Ha ha!

    Come, come, come to STI where it is a long play to record high. LOL!

  5. Yes i am caught by surprise my US portfolio almost reaches it's peak price b4 Covid thingy.

  6. Investing in US markets will lose out on the Dividends Income and Foreign Exchange Rate in the long term.
    Singapore $ solid all these years.

    Of course if can make more money than the 2 main disadvantages above, why not?

    It is a more vibrant and exciting market - It's huge market.

    Furthermore now got FOC trading borkerage fees.

  7. Am now more at peace (pleased) with Mr Market (aka STI). He has "returned" $145,000 to me in this month of Nov. One more trading day to the close of Nov and I am hoping he does not have a change of heart and "borrow" money from my portfolio again.

    Ironically now that STI has "recovered", it is harder to buy stocks. In the last eight months, buying stocks was very easy. Everything was on discount. Every month I bought something.

    Here's to a good December month! Although I think the civil servants would not agree with that - NO bonus!


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