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Friday, 20 November 2020

STI 2,813.01+36.01 (+1.30%)

 So how now?

What next?


  1. Hi Uncle8888,

    All is good. Next crisis only in 2031 (11 yrs later) LOL!

    Btw, your 11-year cycle was just 2 years off in the previous crisis when SG stock market dropped -76% (yes, -76%) from Jan 1973 to Nov 1974. (There was a global recession ... major middle east war, oil embargos, petrol rationing, end of Bretton Woods, major inflation & all that good stuff)

    So 11-year cycle seems applicable in Singapore hohoho!

    My crystal ball tells me next normal recession around 2024 and next big crisis in 2028-2030. :P

    I'm still 20% in cash ... no civil war after US election, so didn't buy anything lol.

    1. Wah! By next crisis 70+, kena dementia no more worry about market. LOL!

    2. Lol! Never say never! My dad is 80+ and he still does daily trading for kopi money. He's much better at short-term trading than me. I just can't get into the right mentality.

      Anyway next normal recession may be only a few years away with perhaps around 30+% drop ... still a very good opportunity :P

      Unless you're planning to cash out most or all of your investments, even the regular 10+% corrections along the way are good instances to add a bit :)

    3. Cycle Investing for life, anyone?


    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I am just glad that Mr Market recovered from depression somewhat and hope that he will remain well for the close of a forgettable year.

    With his strong recovery in just the last few weeks, my paper loss has narrowed dramatically. In that one month of Mar 2020, I suffered a paper loss was over $160,000. Receiving dividend then was like taking your own money from the invested capital.

    With the recovery, Mr Market has kindly "returned" me $120,000 in just these few weeks and with a $64,000 dividend for this year, I think I cannot complain. And committing to a monthly share buying regime helps.

  3. +- 2 to 5% every 2 weeks is good to very good for trading around the core.

    Ask CW8888, the Specialist.


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