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Friday, 6 November 2020

Dow surges more than 500 points, heads for best week since April as post-election rally continues

 Come on SGX traders. Show Uncle DOW, you also have lampar to chase up! LOL!


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  3. Tempted to nimble again.
    And possible cut Loss by Long Method if not willing to inject Fresh Capital.
    Which i did in 2008/9 fiasco.

    Actually short term trend trading can be used as not willing to inject Fresh Capital? No?
    Sorry for 3 times same message. Unable to delete though tried.
    From Samsung SM T700.

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  5. After you've set aside 9 mths of emergency funds (for those still working) or 2 yrs of household expenses (for retirees) ....

    Just buy the damn stocks ... STI 5000 by 2025! :P

    1. What are the damn stocks to buy? LOL!

    2. Those blood sucking companies like the 3 banks, SGX, blue chip REITs giving >4.5% yield etc šŸ¤£

      A bit of FAGAM, China growth stocks, and EM such as India ETF also good! šŸ˜

  6. CHINA- Tread carefully even if open a HK brokerage account.
    See what has happened to Ant's IPO.

    i suspect if can IPO in USA, Ha, Ha, sure no problem one.


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