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Friday, 27 November 2020

Basic Healthcare Sum for 2021

 CW8888: Last year to top up MA as self employed to earn 4% interest rate in MA.  65 in 2021. Sianz! Sigh!

The Basic Healthcare Sum (BHS) is the estimated savings required for basic subsidised healthcare needs in old age. The BHS is adjusted yearly for members below age 65 to keep pace with the growth in MediSave withdrawals. Once members reach age 65, their BHS will be fixed for the rest of their lives.

From 1 January 2021,

1. For members below 65 years old, their BHS will be raised from $60,000 to $63,000.

2. For members who turn 65 years old in 2021, their BHS will be fixed at $63,000, which will not change thereafter.

For members aged 66 and above in 2021, their cohort BHS had already been fixed and will remain unchanged.

BHS is the cap to the MediSave Account (MA) and contributions in excess of a member’s BHS will be automatically transferred to his or her other CPF accounts. A higher BHS will allow for more savings to be kept in a member’s MA for his or her healthcare needs. CPF members do not have to top up their MA if they have less than the BHS.


  1. We should petition Govt to introduce FHS and EHS same like BRS, FRS and ERS. LOL!

    1. Maybe in the future when over 1 in 4 are over 65.

      Now will have very few takers & oppo will use it to say govt want to suck more money into CPF blackhole. LOL!

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