As from April 2013 my Journey in Investing is to create Retirement Income for Life till 85 years old in 2041 for two persons over market cycles of Bull and Bear.

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Sunday, 22 November 2020

CW8888's Return From his Human Asset and Investment Portfolio Since Jan 2000

 Nothing really there to shout about his investing and trading skills. Why?

Never switch to Us market and invest tech stocks! 

Go to US market if you want to become very rich in the stock market! LOL!


  1. Must give you two thumbs up for your detailed recording and tracking of both your salary and investments.

    I have no clue how my investment are doing. All I am tracking is our networth (since year 2000) and passive income (since 2011). Happy that they are both trending upwards at a good pace.

  2. I think Singapore private property returns may beat the US stock market returns.

    1. Unit at The Tessarina sold for $1.32 mil profit

    2. If you take leverage into account, private properties bought in 2009 may now have generated 10 times profit, since 2009. Eg a landed I bought in 2009 is now worth 2.5 times the price I paid. If you had leveraged at 80% loan, it would have been a far larger return than the US stock and property markets. So, Singapore does have its unique "advantages" ie a very small size.

  3. Hi Uncle8888,

    Hee hee! Why do you think Asian parents still push their kids to study, study, study ... get 12 A's & govt scholarship best?

    Certainly not to become entrepreneurs or investors! LOL!

    US stocks, SG stocks, Bangladeshi stocks, index futures, commodity futures, stock options, forex .... all are just tools (or weapons of choice). It is far better to use the one you know than to force yourself to use a tool that you're unfamiliar with AND have little interest to learn deeply.

    One can become a multi-millionaire in cryptos before age 28 ... one can easily become bankrupt in cryptos too. 😂

    US tech stocks WERE wonderful value stocks in the mid-2000s and also after GFC. Now majority are premium priced for perfection. Doesn't mean they can't continue to be even more wildly priced though. They will crash when they crash ... whether it's 1 year later or 10 years later, who knows? And by crash, I mean -50%, not the -20% or -30% that is quite normal for such stocks.

    Since the lows of 2009, the broad Nasdaq ETF has returned over 11X, Microsoft has returned 16+X, MasterCard has returned over 21X, Salesforce has returned 31+X, Apple has returned almost 40X, Amazon has returned over 45X, Nvidia has returned 58X. All unleveraged. And all excluding dividends (although US tech dividends are tiny lol).

    Why do you think there are so many US millennial millionaires? 🤣

    Of course, this is 20/20 hindsight. There were many times from 2009-2020 that an investor would have lost faith & sold out halfway in many of these high-flying but volatile stocks.

    1. From 2009-2020, most likely to sell XX% or 100% of their holding. Seeing our giant gains evaporating day by day is stressful and heartbreaking. Me too! LOL!

  4. Replies
    1. Remember what is the most difficult thing to do in the market?

      Watch and sit still.

      Actually, i have done it with my HP 73 shares from 1985 until recently.
      i sold A and Keys for the first time without brokerage fees @"TD AMERITRADE SINGAPORE"

      Alas life is like that,
      If i worked in IBM instead of HP, i would have been a millionaire just IBM shares alone.

  5. As long as the investment returns are good enough to meet retirement needs, generate enough money to give peace of mind during your retirement, it doesn't really matter if the investment returns lose to other benchmarks like Nasdaq, S&P500. Relative performance matters for investment professionals who need to win competition to hit career objectives. For individual investors, absolute performance (Can amount of money earned cover expenses?) is what matters.


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