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Thursday, 12 November 2020

Property price will rise!!!

Read? Singaporeans snap up properties during worst ever recession

"I know the price will rise", said the 32-year-old, who has spent nearly a decade working in real estate.

Some buyers like Jenny Lin, a 26-year-old accountant, have viewed the pandemic as an opportunity to get on the ladder of the world's third most expensive housing market after Hong Kong and Munich, according to property consultant CBRE.


  1. CW,

    Its data point of 2, but its quite telling both the buyers are below age 35...

    Then again, I see old fogeys selling their investment properties and RETURNING back their property profits into CPF?

    Its the classic youth versus experience.

    I see Spring; I see Winter ;)

    P.S. I don't think property prices are cheap. At least not like in 2003 "cheap" ;)

  2. i think prices will go up in the long run just like stocks most probably because (like it or not) Singapore can't not afford to stop immigration. The population should increase year by year, selectively.

    But then how many years old fogeys got vs 30 to 35 years old investing in property?

    And to sell stocks compare to sell a property, which one old fogeys prefer?

    Hey! Selling stocks can be like reading A,B,C.
    And almost instant cash without any headaches compare to selling a property.

  3. As an investment, property is just another asset like stocks or bonds.

    It's just much more emotionally powerful as it involves such a huge sticker price, life commitments, touch-and-see physicality, and a big part of everyday lifestyle (if you stay in it).

    People are seeing or attempting to see A bottom in home prices here.

    E.g. URA statistics -- CAGR of 6.5% over last 45 years, but CAGR of only 1.8% over last 25 years for private non-landed.

    SRX private non-landed -- This commercial property player tries to be more optimistic ... CAGR of 3.8% over last 25 years LOL.

    No matter official or commercial stats ... the reality is that the huge upside growth in property prices is in the past.

    The only "sure" way to earn supranormal profits is if there's a big "discount". E.g. BTO or EC.

    Percentage-wise, BTO offers greater upside, but is constrained by quantum size (boasting of a 100% gains on a $300K BTO is still meh). Hence the hotness of EC.

  4. Can't imagine for those who have negative CAGR after 25 years in their CPFIS in stocks.

    Can blame anyone or not?


    1. Blame PAP for no foresight before AFC 1997/98 by allowing CPF members freedom to invest their money.

    2. O.K. O. K.

      Then people like U made money leh.

      And is still making money.

      Thanks to who?

      For me U know the answer.

      "Always try to do your best, let God take care of the rest"

      Manna and quail like birds dropped from the sky had only happened in OLD Testament Time.
      Exodus Time.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. For FH property, hardly anyone can be in Negative CAGR after 25 years. Singapore land is only a little a Little Red Dot.

  7. Asian syndrome in choosing property over all other investments! Just like cars also in SG.

  8. Car can be a real status symbol in Singapore.

    Any Ang Mo first time in Singapore will be shocked at the price.
    The other is yet why so many cars on the road.
    And more in HDB carpark.

    No wonder they say crazy rich Asians.


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