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Tuesday, 10 November 2020

DBS : Round 24 - 2 : Sold @ $24.28

Read? DBS Round 24 - 2 : Bought back higher @ $20.65 than last sold @ $19.88


  1. Congrats CW!

    18% in 12 days ;)

    Now that's what I call POWER swing trade!

    Not passive, but trading around our core positions can help supplement our dividend yield ;)

    1. Trading around our core positions is less emotional after Point X to supplement cash flow for retirement income and some excitement too.

    2. After seeing U in /out so many rounds, like so easy making money, have encouraged me to try short term trading again.

      Only this time, nimble like a squirrel in terms of quantity.
      Unlike my passed NOL's time 50 to 100+ lots.
      Going up mountain time is really different from already landed on KAKI BUKIT.
      Is also where i stay.
      i mean my downstair is Kaki Bukit MRT.

      Like U said fishing for coffee money only.
      So that if a Black Swan appears, still have a lot of ammunitions to save my soldiers already in the battle ground.

    3. Like SMOL has said "Ring fencing our trading capital" for some actions to keep up some excitement in a boring STI.

  2. One fine day when I am retired with no more salary income and more time, I must get a taste of trading.

    Maybe set aside $100,000 for trading at the beginning of the year and see whats left of it at the end of the year :-)

    1. mysecretinvestment,

      Just as long you ring fenced this $100K, even you bankrupt this trading account, it won't affect your lifestyle ;)

      The problem is when those who have focused on SAVE MORE all their lives, and come age 65 flushed with lots of spare cash and time to kill, they have less understanding on what is RISK/REWARD when they have never been burnt or cut before...


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