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Friday, 20 October 2017

So What Is A Good Investment? (2)

Read? So What Is A Good Investment?

Are stocks relating to O &G considered as good investment?

In the market; there are always happy winners with their good investment and unhappy losers with their lousy investment.

To him, Kepcorp is his good investment and even better than his year end bonus!

What is the moral of the story?


  1. CW,

    Entry price at $4.70?

    That means bought around March 2009?

    Saw the price went up above $10 and above...

    And then see the 2 bagger disappear and have a near heart attack during Feb 2016 when Keppel went to $4.84...

    Of course now happy that price recoverd back to $7.00 and above ;)

    Moral of story?

    Its always good to see the brighter side of things!

    And never count the money we left on the table ;)

    1. Not bought in 2009.

      Low is $4.64 on 18 Jan 2016. Where got smell $10?

    2. Those who bought in 2009 had collected $3.80 in dividends. Not too bad. Freehold stock coming soon and then infinite gains.

    3. CW,

      Ah! There you go!

      Now we have 2 perspectives on what is a "good" investment ;)

      One "investor" took 9 years to make $2 per share (but got lots of panadols in between)

      Another "investor" took less than 2 years to make the same $2 per share ;)

      Money lost can recover; time lost...

    4. Once invested capital has been recovered; infinite yield for long time and may be timeless to holder to his or her grave. LOL!

  2. If sell all KeppelCorp U also take back your capital + ROI ma.

    Then what?

    Also take panadols(stronger dosage) ones as money rotting in the banks?

    Can tahan how long?

    7 to 8 years liu?

    1. Uncle8888 style is once 2 bagger or more (from both capital gains + panadols), can just take out original capital amount ... Remaining freehold stock earning "infinite" yield...

      Capital recovered can be redeployed to other opportunities or standby in war chest.

      This method works with out of favour stocks with strong fundamentals that can recover eventually i.e. deep value.

      But this style not for me coz "strong" company can also collapse or be nationalised / merged at low price ... or can simply stagnate at low price for long time. Also I'm too lazy n stupid to analyse which companies are "strong & cheap".

      Keppel lucky riding on bottoming property ... re-valuation to the upside. O&G still lacklustre even though has bounced off the bottom...

    2. i think UTD, in absolute terms, the delisted NOL made me the most money.

      Nothing to do with panadols at all.


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