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Saturday, 21 October 2017

Never count the money we left on the table???

Singapore Man of Leisure20 October 2017 at 22:40:00 GMT+8


Entry price at $4.70?

That means bought around March 2009?

Saw the price went up above $10 and above...

And then see the 2 bagger disappear and have a near heart attack during Feb 2016 when Keppel went to $4.84...

Of course now happy that price recoverd back to $7.00 and above ;)

Moral of story?

Its always good to see the brighter side of things!

And never count the money we left on the table ;)

Uncle8888 counts everything relating to his investing to decimals precision hor!

It is 5.6% of the paper profits that he left on the table. He will slowly try to recover them in the next market cycle.


  1. CW,

    Hello, that's sarcasm lah!

    That's why I focus on improving my entries and exits as part of my craftsmanship - do it right, I'll leave less money on the table ;)

    I definitely don't count opportunity costs or money left on the table... That's the quickest path to the looney house!

    I let it go ;)

    I am grey, foggy, fuzzy, and soft focused.

    Women love me; I can't see wrinkles!

    Don't let me stop you. Have fun with your CNC precision accounting and planning for everything!

    I won't take away your clutches!

    I rely on crash got sound :)

    Full of bruises and scratch marks. But boy do I have lots of stories to tell to the ladies at the bar!


  2. Ha.Ha.

    i can't use words like you but can i say simply you say it for me too.

  3. One real example only recently.

    It was so difficult to sell my IPO Keppel DC Reit @ 1.24 at that time

    Now it is at 1.33 to 1.36.

    10 cents difference is a lot to me as i had many lots.

    And i can tell U this is common happenings to me for 29 to 30 years already.

    Don't know why IMH still don't certify me?

    1. Sigh! Life of retail investors is like that. Prime targets for other good retail traders to poke for fun.

  4. No sweat lah.

    To me make money can liu.

  5. There is always the next opportunity for U if U look long enough in the market.

    Only have to sit still or for U to go fishing.


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