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Thursday, 26 October 2017

Lucky Or Unlucky When You First Get Started Investing Over Market Cycles (2)

Read? Lucky Or Unlucky When You First Get Started Investing Over Market Cycles

Just last Monday at kopi session; Uncle8888 told one Starfish who has been passive investor in unit trusts for six years and thinking of switching over to become active investor. We also talk about element of market timing and luck factor.

Uncle8888 told him if he wish to test his luck in the stock market he can switch now to become active investor when STI is at 3,XXX.

Get it?


  1. Haha Uncle8888 ... only those who have gone thru a few big bear-bears will encourage a newbie to test active stock picking at late bull stage... :)

    Hope you told him to allocate no more than 10% - 20% of his current portfolio to test test!! Hohoho!!! 6 years of gains in strong bull market is an expensive way to pay school fees!! :)

    If he's lucky, a significant 10+% correction will happen soon to give valuable lessons.

    If he unlucky, the markets will continue cheonging another 100++% and making him feel like a genius & making him dump 100% of his portfolio into individual stock picks...

  2. How to be lucky in the stock market?

    Try to get your market timing right is like buying those lucky ToTo tickets but not necessary the one for Jackpot prize.

  3. "100% into individual stock pick" in a Bull's Market?


    That's my perpetual dream.

    If lucky, get out from market in time.

    But no i always have been too Kia Sie.

    Always get out too early.

    But then that's how i made some good money from our former National Shipping company.

    Our G has changed his mind that Singapore doesn't need a National Shipping Line anymore.

    Is it safe not to have our own shipping line in time of chaos?

    What are next?

    SPH? CFG? SING POST? even NTUC & DBS one day?

    Never say or think "NEVER" in the Market.

    It's our world, nothing is absolutely constant.


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