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Monday, 2 October 2017

Secret Of Secret Behind Position Sizing???

RayNg1 October 2017 at 08:05:00 GMT+8

SMOL "If you tell your readers your 10 bagger Keppel or Sembawang is only 1000 shares each, they will go, "Cheh!" 


Yes, beside getting it right and hold, the sizing is also equally important. 

Position sizing?

Your account size really matters!

Account size?

Your earned income and saving rate really matters!

Earned income?

Your progressive career path really matters!

Progressive career?

Your bosses really matter!


Don't ever offend your bosses!


  1. Bottom line ....

    Rule #1: Never offend your boss
    Rule #2: Never forget Rule #1

    LOL ...

    5 Why (for fun)

    1. Why never offend your boss?
    b'cos it will affect your progressive career

    2. Why progressive career so important?
    b'cos it will affect your earn income

    3. Why earn income important?
    b'cos it will affect your saving rate

    4. Why saving rate important?
    b'cos it will affect your account size

    5. Why account size important?
    b'cos it will have significant impact to your total return

  2. Nobody in their right mind would offense their bosses.

    The reality is a lot of people will help you to do it if you don't know how to prevent them for doing so.

    Office politics or back-stabbings can be played at a very high level of sophistication, U know.

    The victim got killed (in office politics)and still may think his best friend is still his best friend

    In fact, i had witnessed once a person who helped U(without your presence of course)to offense the BOSS was so subtle as an "innocence remark" that all present at that time might think so unless U knew something about the intended victim and the Boss.


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