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Sunday 1 October 2017

Counting The Cost Of University Education at SUTD (6)

Read? Counting The Cost Of University Education at SUTD (5)

Year 1 & 2 (Apr 16 to Sep 17)


  1. CW,


    Let's say 2 children for average Singaporean family.

    That would mean $200K budget for children's uni fund.

    And that's more than the our CPF Full Retirement Sum (FRS)...

    No wonder some seemingly "well off" Singaporeans have troulbe meeting the FRS when they have overcommitted to property and have university going children.

    Of course everything is OK when the children repay the parent's CPF "loan" to them after starting work.

    That's provided the children don't quit their jobs after 2 years because working for others is too tough... Take a year off to Europe to "discover" themselves using your savings!


  2. Hard to force children to pay back our CPF with accrued interests. Earning interests from children hard earned income?

    1. CW,

      Imagine your children discover invesing for FIRE?

      Now gives every excuse to avoid giving the money back to you as they want to start investing "early" to enjoy the compounding effect?

      "No worries dad! I'll pay you back when I financailly free when I've hit $X amount in Y years!"

      Good to be your children. So its dad's scholarship then ;)

      You the best!

  3. Uni fees have certainly gone up over the years ... mine was about $6K per year 27 yrs ago...

    Really respect to parents worked & planned hard to support their kids. Most Asian societies like S'pore the parents would tend to automatically sponsor kids' education if can afford. No wonder in places like US, young people are KPKB about tuition loans & debts.

    I think if use parents' CPF, CPF Board will be quite sticky in ensuring you pay back with accrued interests. I remember selecting the 3-year or 5-year repayment plan as it had the lowest present value (i.e. interest costs). Paying back faster actually had a higher present value becoz of the compulsory minimum accrued interests that I had to cough up even if pay back within 1 year.


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