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Sunday, 22 October 2017

Did Those Personal Financial Investment Bloggers Really Tell You How They Reach Financial Independence???

Generate 10 to 15% CAGR on your investment; you are on your way to financial independence in XX years!

You believe in these "Gurus" commercial ads?

Chun bo?

Read? On "Gurus" - Becoming rich through the stock market

But; this is NOT the way how Uncle8888 reached his financial independence. Our compounding investment return is probably an accelerator to our financial independence. 

To depend just on compounding investment gains to reach financial independence is that NOT as easy as claimed by those bloggers in the investment blogosphere.

Generate 10 to 15% CAGR on your investment; you are on your way to financial independence in XX years!


  1. Aiyoh ... if say it like it is -- Achieve FI in your 60s!! --, how to convince people to become disciples & donate their money to their gurus??? Kekeke!!

    Most gurus achieve FI thru marketing & salesmanship :) Their biggest ROI is not their hardcore investing skills but rather their soft skills & biz savvy. ;)

    Many of the more real & truthful gurus achieved FI thanks to GFC & Ben Bernanke .... They learned the hard knocks and paid plenty of school fees before GFC .... when GFC & QE arrived, they were ready. Without GFC & QE, many such gurus will still be working hard at their day jobs! LOL!

    1. Shouldn't the course be renamed as crisis investing for wealth building in the stock market? :-)

  2. Crisis Investing (Bear Market Investing)is not for everyone.

    Most like to invest in a Bull Trending market.

    Actually there is real advantage in investing in a Bullish-Trending Market provided you don't become too complacent and then change yourself into a "PIG".

    My only B & H portfolio is US market by "default"

    Now this US portfolio has been doing quite well through no effort from me hoh.
    U know why lah.

    Every trading day this portfolio is +- $500 plus SGP.

    But it's edging up in value.

    i am thinking to transfer the whole portfolio to "TD Ameritrade Singapore"

    So that i can B/S instead of "DRIP".

    Anyone can help about TD Ameritrade Singapore?

    Or any alternative US trade brokers in Singapore?

    The brokers must be willing to accept US stock certificates for deposit.

    All local brokerages seem to stop accepting US stocks certificate leh.

    That was not long ago when i asked.

    (Esp. CW)

    1. Agreed that Crisis Investing (Bear Market Investing)is not for everyone.

      Value investing is everybody. Anybody can attend training course to become value investor.

      Is there any crisis investing course being conducted by "Gurus"?

    2. Temperament,

      There's a TD Ameritrade office in Millenia Tower. You can google for contact. Maybe they can assist with transfer.

      But TD Ameritrade in US provides commission-free trading for certain ETFs e.g. Vanguard ones. Maybe for certain min account size. Don't think they have such thing in local account.

  3. Even if there is one (Crisis Investment Course), i think no use one.

    We all are made up differently with our cognitive bias and what not?

    Of course value investing is for everyone who bothers to learn - more fundamentals/technical then sentiments(cognitive bias)or what?

  4. Haha while quite a few gurus achieved FI thru crisis investing ... they aren't gonna highlight it much .... maybe mention in passing.

    Talking about value / FA / TA investing is still what sells & what masses want. Haha!!

    Hero ain't gonna say he survived the war thru dumb luck ... He'll say he killed 1000 enemy soldiers ... 100 of them using bare hands and feet and teeth ... and also blew up a few 70-ton tanks along the way! Hoho!!

  5. Ha! Ha!

    In Chinese is "BLOW COW"

    In English is "BULLSHIT"

    i think a few years old already know.


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