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Sunday, 3 January 2010

Why Think Of Selling Dream Home?

Forum page, thesundaytimes, Jan 3, 2010

I fully agree with the writer, Chen SL.

If one loves one's home and has put so much thought and effort onto making that place special, why even think about selling it.

Does everything have a price tag?

What a way to treat one's dream home.

This is what I think ..Home for Living and not for profit taking

People who claimed that they found a dream home and yet have a price tag to sell, need to go to the top of Bukit Timah hill to do some soul searching because they are still dreaming.


  1. This is something I've been thinking about as I've been receiving calls from property agents to sell my place. So, one day I just gave a very high price which I hope would stop them from calling. Question: What if someone really says he is willing to pay that price? I think I would sell. If someone is willing to pay me the price I asked for, so be it. I will move.

  2. I will tell the agents that I have sold and thank them for calling.

    For insurance, I will tell that I have already been insured for more than $5M and more than enough.

  3. I agree with you partially uncle8888.

    However, a HDB flat is not really yours per se. I have seen people who have to move out of their place because of en bloc and stuff where the govt buys back your place and offers you another HDB flat nearby.

    Some of these people complain that the new flats are just not the same as their old flats.

    As such, I would like to think that a landed property is really truly YOURS which nobody can take away from you. Making a HDB flat your dream home is safe only if no en bloc takes place.

  4. Hmm... by time the Govt decide to en bloc my flat I likely to be in another Dream World. LOL


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