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Sunday, 17 January 2010

Who Want To Be A Millionaire?

The possible stages before becoming a Millionaire ..

Four Financial Progressive Stages

Asset Rich Millionaire

They accumulate enough wealth to become a millionaire; but by then they are near retirement and their wealth may be enough to see them through a decent retired life. They are unlikely to have the ability to take more risks to create more wealth. They tend to be very careful with their money as it will most likely to dwindle down with passing time. These millionaires are typical asset rich Singaporeans who have substantial CPF saving,  unit trusts, mature insurance endowment, and down-graded or sold their residential home after retirement.

[After post:
Comment from Laksa: I believe your Asset Rich Millionaire definition does not fit what you are trying to say. Asset rich millionaires could also be people who have plenty of properties and nothing else. Those are termed assets as long as it generates a positive cashflow and they may not be investment savvy.
Comment from CW8888: Not sure someone who have plenty of properties and still not considered as investment savvy. Maybe they inherited those properties so we have another class called Silver Spoon Millionaire]

Investor Millionaire

They create and build up massive wealth through various classes of investment including properties. They have vast knowledge, skills and experience in investing and able to continue create wealth even after their retirement but may be at a slower pace. They are shrewd investors during their lifetime.

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