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Friday, 1 January 2010

Stock Market - Tales of fortunes made!

Stock Market is never short of stories of how great fortunes are made and it is a great Wealth Generator. 

Noble has turned its founder, Richard Elman into a multibillionaire and also those retail investors into millionaires if they have hold on to the stock.

Wilmar too has turned Peter Lim's $10M investment into Billions.

Actually, the stock market is more of a Wealth Generator than a Wealth Destroyer if you don't do any leverages, you can only lose what you put into the stock market and nothing more; but your potential rewards can far exceed what you can imagine. But, it is so easy to say on the hindsight. LOL.

Decade's Best STI Performer

Look at shocking Noble: 5,300% gain or 53 Baggers since 1999 (adjusted for stock splits, stock dividends, rights, special dividends)

Since 31 Dec 2008, also an impressive 278% gain or 2.78 Baggers.

Although Noble has been my favorite stock pick in 2008, but I am only willing to risk what I can afford to lose so no fortune was made; but hopefully Noble will help to fully "sponsor" my kid's Uni tuition fees.

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