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Tuesday, 18 August 2020

When Golden Geese didn't lay Golden Eggs Anymore. How???

Read?  Our Stock Dividends Are Either Panadols Or Eggs

Definitely it is NOT Panadols but no more Golden eggs!

Kill the old Golden geese?


Keep them as loving pets and let them die naturally. They deserved it after decades of laying Eggs. 


Old Grandmother's Tale : We shouldn't eat old mother hens as their meat is very toxic! Now I know why old grandmother said this when she looked at old mother hen! Toxic???


  1. Haha Uncle8888,

    I guess my "cooked" goose may be the 200 singtel shares rotting in my CDP a/c. They were bequeathed from my late grandma after she passed more than 2 decades ago.

    All these years, still collecting pocket money from ah mah from beyond the grave. Another kopi money of $10 very soon.

    Err ok, that sounds freaky LOL! :P

    1. Wah! Generational and antic kopi money from Govt. One and only from MIW!

  2. There must be something in life more meaningful than in monetary value for everyone of us.

    If not force to living on the street, we will never part with it.

    What's yours?

    1. Recently; I asked my wife whether she want to sell her old gold bracelets collecting dirt. She said No!

  3. Ha.Ha.

    Did U ask her why?

    Too noisy already?


  4. Replies
    1. Sometime in life, not everything that worth in value need to be sold for capital gain. Many choose to bury or burn them away at their final journey!

    2. Hmm, by default the crematorium & funeral svcs staff will ask family to remove jewelry.

      Think your wife will be happy with her bracelets down the road. Good chance for gold to be higher 1-2 years from now.

    3. After the World, aka USA actually discovers QE can delay World Depression down the road, i think of course Gold will appreciate in future.

      One thing i agreed or believe is that Gold will always catch up with inflation(QE effects) of the day, sooner or later.

  5. Buy back price for 24K jewellery compare to 22K jewellery is so much different.

    So why buy 22K jewellery in the first place?

    24K gold is too soft for fabrication in to very fine, delicate & detail design of gold jewellery - right or wrong?

    That's why needs 22K, 18K, 14K.

    My favorite is Rose Gold especially by Rolex.

    But i only can see no touch.

    Perhaps because i found out i never like any thing on my body.

    So since day one b4 and after marriage, i have nothing on my body except the clothes i wear.

    Best buy back price is for gold bar or gold coin.

    Some , i think can offer as good as 3%<spot price as advertised.

    Some gobbledygook, beware.

    Anyone got better offer?

    No practical yet.

  6. What's wrong with SGX?

    DJI 3 to 4 days up, SGX going nowhere.

    Yesterday down a bit only, SGX like start to run road, today.

  7. Anyway, notice some SGX's blue chips are about to reach their March's low(52-week low?).

    Imagine if DJI just mini crashes, what going to happen?

    i look at the markets everyday like a broker lol.

    Quite dangerous right?

    Not for me as i have started to look everyday since i was 40 years old.

    So use to it already.

    Only thing i keep on thinking why i am no good at short to very short-term trading. Though at times i could "read"(aka guess correctly) what's going to happen next in the market. In fact i thought i did it long time ago with NOL but it was a simple World then-No globalization or Technical disruptions.

    Now the World is too advance and complicated liu for me.

    Ya! What'da U say?


    We accept cryptocurrency?

    Lost liu.

  8. IN fact, BN4 has reached below her March's low (aka new 52 weeks low?)

    Still not willing to buy leh after kenna March's booby's trap.


  9. 12 years of collecting eggs from golden goose DBS since 2008 crisis. Recovered almost all the foods I had used to feed it.
    Big eggs or small eggs I still makan, stomach not full never mind, don feel hungry can liao. LOL.

    1. Buy at the right time and get free membership to eggs for life - it just bigger or smaller eggs. :-)

    2. Ya lol why Covid 19 makes eggs so much smaller.

      Must watch closely whether mother hen still around to lay egg (in future) after Covid 19 vaccines arrive. Or disappear altogether b4 vaccines arrive.

    3. WHO estimates or predicts it will be about 2 years for COVID 19 to be completely under controlled.


      Got 2 years retirement money(CASH)to survive on or not?

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Hi CW8888,

    Recently, have thinking seriously of what U said because how many market cycles are there for me to see?

    Then if nobody is interested to take over, i will put it into a trust.

    If possible a perpetual one is the best, i think.

    Then who are going to be the perpetual trustees and perpetual beneficiaries?


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