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Saturday, 15 August 2020

15th Year Anniversary

Read?  Tasteless For So Many Months .....

Survival rate is 70% at 5th year.

Cleared 10th year.

Now, cleared 15th year and add 1 to the number of cancer survivors statistics in Singapore.

Time on Earth is limited and can also pass faster before than we knew it! It is over!


  1. Thank God indeed ... and the local finance blogosphere is all the more richer with Uncle8888 around! 😁

    Here's to many more tasty good years! 👍

    1. He is jolly good fellow, CW, a jolly good fellow he is.

      Compare LSL to OTC, both got the same but LSL still going strong.

      As believers we put our hand in the hand of the man who calm the sea.

      Nothing more , nothing less.

      We accept peacefully.

      Shalom, Amen.


    If U have the time?

    1. From one response to RAY Dalio:-

      "Zero insight in this video. Increase income, reduce expenses, save and invest... come on! Boilerplate advice for ANY economy.

      The best advice for most people, especially during highly inflationary times, is to remain fully invested in either a broad market US index fund (SPY, QQQ, VGT) or a diversified group of large cap growth stocks. Make sure your money is in the companies that will benefit the most from inflation! Skew your investments to less volatile, higher yielding equities the closer you get to retirement. Don’t ever sell the principle."

    2. For many retirees; it is harder to fight year-on-year inflation by investing for income. Up to Point X in our retirement journey; we may have to slowly draw-down our assets to supplement investing income to keep up with inflation.

    3. I've mentioned 3 yrs ago that my wife is using more of the conventional diversified asset allocation in her investments. As opposed to my more momentum & trend following ways. :P

      Over the last couple of years, her allocation has followed that of the traditional permanent portfolio. This asset allocation won't win any trading competition. But pretty safe & solid returns over the years.

      How it's done so far in Covid year.

      It's purposely designed to be "average" and not to try to predict what next month or next year will be. The 4 main assets are to handle boom years, inflationary periods, recessions, and depressions.

      From backtesting over the last 15 yrs, the return is 7.7% pa and the drawdown during GFC was -12.6%.

      So far wifey likes it for the relative low volatility & very high Sortino ratio.

    4. Hi Spur,

      Quite interesting U share about the 4 main Assets of your wife's investments.

      May i ask is any of the 4 assets not under SOR?

      If any can share or not?

    5. They say as long money is in the stock market, U are subjected to SOR lol.

      So any investment not subjected to SOR must be out of the market.

      Actually is only cash not subjected to SOR?

      i think cash also subjected because of interest rate.

      So what is really not subjected?

    6. Sequence of returns risk?

      For cash it's high inflation.

      Although should be low for the next year or 2.

      Also depends on what type of "cash". SGD should be ok for the medium term. UKP will be quite terok. USD -- I'm not confident over long run. Lol.

      The other 3 assets are simple etfs in London.

      To outsource SORR, turn to insurance -- annuities. Preferably escalating / inflation-hedged from 2 or 3 different providers. They won't make you rich or give you windfall. Just peace of mind.

  3. Replies
    1. Stay healthy & stay well CW!

      And thanks to Spur for sharing the tool to the portfolio vizualiser.


    How sad!

    The No1 most powerful and richest country in the World!?

  5. Are ETFs and Index Funds in LSE, dividends derived from them free of tax like in Singapore?

    Can buy through Local Brokerages? And who is the custodian?

    Never trade in them in LSE before, so noob's questions.

    Anyone, any experience, like to share?



    For anyone who likes to know how INTERNET works?


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