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Friday, 14 August 2020

End of H1 2020 Reporting Season. Harvesting for Raindrops into my Cash Reservoir should also be over.

 End of H1 2020 Reporting season and harvesting for Raindrops into my Cash Reservoir should also be over too in 2020; unless there are thunder storms over the next few months. See how!

Looking forward how to harvest more Raindrops as dividends may be cut deeper in 2021. More pain ahead!

Read? Real Life Lessons Learnt During Market And Economics Crisis

Calibrated Cash Flow in 2020 is about 9% ROC after deploying 32% of War Chest to make up those lost dividends from 2019 due to cut!


  1. Heheh Uncle8888,

    Enjoy the rain! ;)

    This year La Nina ... that's why this summer so rainy & cooling lol.

    I've been harvesting my US & tech fruits, until my total allocation back to 60% stocks & 40% cash and short term bonds. No more harvesting, otherwise stocks less than half liao.

    Yah, see whether next few months got thunderstorms for me to do planting. :P

  2. US mkt has been very good harvest with nicely ripe and big fruits too. Thumb up!

    1. Ouch!

      My dividend "tap" is seriously clogged. Comfortdelgro, Vicom and SBST are not paying any interim dividends. Think I best not do any more dividend projection for the rest of the year. Those dividend received and announced but yet to be paid totalled $53,000. Anything more will be bonus.

      Rental "tap" is still flowing after being clogged up for 1.5 months. Flow is not a trickle but not full either. Total collected to date : $19,850.

      Yup, time to look to the west!!

    2. Haha, but I'm a lousy market timer. Have been plucking fruits before fully grown lol. With my luck, US market will probably scorn me by chionging another 30%. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  3. Expected collect $20,000 in dividends and coupons in 2020 and $27,000 in CPF. A total of $47,000 for 2020

  4. My guess is when vaccines are available, then the market begins to realised how much the World Economy has fallen into a shit hole.

    Then more QE again to cover the shit hole?

    Can it works again?


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