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Thursday, 6 August 2020

Keppel Corp Is Always Seen As Smelly And Oily Stock By Some Investment Writers. Why leh???

Lim Chee Onn, Executive Chairman, Keppel Corporation Ltd, Singapore, 2000 to 2008

Mr Lim graduated with First Class Honours in Naval Architecture from Glasgow

A naval architect specializes in every facet of maritime activities such as dredging, shipment and transportation, offshore drilling etc. This is the field that caters to discipline of the shipping industry right from the research and development, designing, building and repairing of all above-mentioned machines. The naval architect is not only responsible for the development aspect, but also for the economic feasibility, values and safety of the marine vessels and related units.

Mr Choo Chiau Beng was Chief Executive Officer of Keppel Corporation from 1 January 2009 to 31 December 2013. Before that, he was CEO of Keppel FELS from 1983 to 2008 and Chairman & CEO of Keppel Offshore & Marine from 2002 to 2008. He was Executive Director of Keppel Corporation since 1983 and Senior Executive Director since 2005. Upon his retirement on 1 January 2014, Mr Choo was appointed Senior Advisor to the Board of Keppel Corporation until 31 December 2015. He was the Chairman of M1 Limited from 2015 till 2017.

Past two CEOs have maritime experience and expertise; but current CEO is NOT from marine background! 

Mr Loh has over 25 years of experience in real estate investing and fund
management spanning the USA, Europe and Asia. He joined the Keppel Group in
2002 and founded Alpha Investment Partners Ltd. Under his charge as Managing
Director, he grew its Asset under Management to over S$12 billion today. Prior to
this, he was the Managing Director at Prudential Investment Inc leading its Asian
real estate fund management business and overseeing all investment and asset
management for the real estate funds managed out of Asia.

He began his career with the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation
(GIC), where he held key appointments in its San Francisco office and was head
of the European real estate group in London before returning to Singapore to head
the Asian real estate group. 

How did the Board or Temasek saying it out on the future of Keppel as smelly and oily stock with appointment this CEO?


  1. Hi Uncle8888,

    Those more hardworking can check past 6 years of Keppel annual reports to track the trend of the various business segments. How much extra spending going into newer growth areas, and trend of contributions by these new segments to FCF.

    Lazier investors or speculators can just refer to price, as it represents the verdict of thousands analysing and betting on the company. If the facts change, price will change. ;)

    I bet right now govt & Temasek are wishing that Keppel, Sembcorp etc are all fully nationalised & private so that they can quickly execute restructuring & transformation without being at the mercy of retail shareholders! Lol!

  2. Nationalise?

    No lah, public must have a share in our National assets mah.

    How about 51%+ majority?

    At 51%, also same, same mah -can fully control Kep-Corp & Semb-Corp?

    Besides SGX already so deprived of good old blue chips. To name a few, F&N, NOL, any more?

    i used to hear rumours in coffee-shops talk in the past, which is money making enterprises, Big Brother wants to have a big share or all of it, money losing ones, all can share.

    i think there is some common sense in this coffee-shop talk.

    For instance, SPH used to be heavily own by BIG BROTHERS & Associates, now with everyone can internet news of the World, what happens to SPH majority ownership?



    An interesting article?

  4. Kyanite will Not Proceed with Partial Offer for Keppel Corporation Limited

  5. By the way, as an insider, marine no offshore really needs a lot of sector experiences, knowing the technical, the clients and the basis of ship or rig building.

    Frankly, while it’s not as lucrative as during the good times, but if u have a CEO who is not in the industry, he will only dictate what he want from the subordinate which is impossible task, bcos there are too many technical details involved and also the clients who are oil companies or rig or ship owners normally have lots of experience in the sector can easily “makan” u in the contract if your technical is not strong. so the subordinate even if he is a MD of the division is sticker between the clients and his boss, and most of the times, the outcome is the MD in order to keep his job, will try to pacify the CEO who is not in the industry and piss off the clients!

  6. And this is the new corporate world and gone are the days where the MD or CEO climbed all the way from the ground level, step by step rise and rotate thru different divisions to understand the business and personally know so many clients himself.

    Today is all about corporate, legal, and protect financial risk.. not more relationship of vendor and clients, any small dispute “black and white” legal check... and small dispute soon become big ugly dispute.. waste time, late delivery damages.. all technical and project people suffered when top management of supplier and client disagree.

    In the old days, two top bosses sit down have coffee, play golf, laugh over it, and small problem give and take, help one another... problems settled.. everyone happy.. long term biz, trust and rapport established!!!


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