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Sunday, 9 August 2020

COVID-19 - Another Lesson Learnt- My Ringgit Is Rotting at Zero Rate

Alamak! Uncle8888 has NEVER expected not to spend his Ringgit cash reservoir.  

He likes to build up more Ringgit cash reservoir when Ringgit exchange hits RM 3.05 or more. Good rate mah!

But; not this time! LOL!

Got Ringgit also can't spend! Sianz!

No curry fish head. No RM 2 shopping at Kota Tinggi

No Banana cake, Otah and Tau Sa buns at Joo Seng Bakery. 



  1. Open a Malaysia Internet Banking ma if regularly spend money there.

    Open 2 better.

    Then U can do a lot more things with your RM.

    Ya missed all the Malaysian foods.


    1st time watching it feel a bit "funny".


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