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Wednesday, 5 August 2020

Keppel Corp is Unsuitable as a Dividend Stock??? For whom?

Read? 3 Reasons Why Keppel Corp is Unsuitable as a Dividend Stock

Patchy track record of dividend payments

A hallmark of a good dividend stock is the consistency of dividend payments.

Unfortunately, Keppel Corporation’s dividend history has been patchy as the conglomerate was badly impacted by the oil and gas bust back in 2014.

Wah. Chun bo???

That why long-term Investing is always personal investing. It is always about you and your long-term annualized return! 

One man's investing return is another man's poison!

All investment returns are judged on hindsight after Point X

Ask those senior citizens who are still holding Keppel Corp.

Read? Keppel Corporation Retail Shareholders' Day.

Too bad. This year won't be any on site Keppel Corp Retail Shareholders' Day to check out.

Are Patchy track record of dividend payments necessary BAD?

So bad meh?

7 years of harvest and followed by 7 years of famine!


  1. Heheh Uncle8888,

    It very much depends on the price one gets into a stock & how much one buys at that price.

    The psychology is very different for someone who bought $100K worth during 1998 versus someone thinking about buying today.

    Even for those who bought 20 years ago, it also depends very much on what is the purpose going forward.

    Those who still want to maximise growth will have different objectives from those who are happy with multi-bagger freehold & simply coasting with big daddy as backstop! LOL!

    To avoid anchoring and/or endowment biases, it's also good to practice "zero-based investing" i.e. imagine if your entire portfolio got liquidated overnight into 100% cash.

    Would you buy back any of your stocks at current prices & foreseeable prospects? ;)

  2. That's why i always think if i invested like CW8888, i don't know i do better or same or worse.

    But i do know i bought everything much, much cheaper, and if i hold them until today, whether i will have better ROI or not?

    Hack! No capital land then, only GOT IPO DBS land, IPO SGX. IPOs etc....

    Also no Internet when market crashed, had to go to brokerage to see brokers for B/S.

    And what a pandemonium at the entrances of brokerage firms.

    Even DBS, OCBC, UOB, all helter skelter.

    Worse than a Fish Market.

    If U manage"d to buy or sell anythings, U were the "lucky ones" lol.

    "Mary Hopkins those were the days" is one of my favourite songs.

    Not only it was crazy then,to think of it it was fun also.

  3. I never really like a stock that has link to 'black gold' (oil). Too volatile for my weak heart. LOL.

    1. Current keppel CEO and Board may be also thinking the same way. LOL!

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    If this is true, it is a very dangerous World we are living in Now.


  8. Just for laugh.

    Can U really laugh?


    If U are interested?

    i think U will.


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