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Monday, 24 August 2020

Return On Human Capital vs Return on Financial Assets???

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Uncle8888 adds on one more data point to the above blog post!

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Seriously What Are You Going To Do??? (2)

Invest on our human asset or human capital to generate multibagger return!

Hmm .. Uncle8888 decided to voluntary early retire@60 at his highest annual income after tax ever. Alamak! What a waste!

SMOL: Quitting when we are ahead is not the same as quitting. LOL!

Which one is easier?

Focus on your earned income or investment income?

Uncle8888's earned income after tax from 1985 to 2015.

His earned income has beaten the sea of inflation.

His earned income after tax was the highest before quitting the Rat Race and that is 4x the lowest income in 1986.


  1. CW,

    One reason very few financial bloggers share their returns on human capital as it would become quite apparent whether one is investing to "escape" or investing to "achieve" ;)

    But then again, just as long as the cat can catch mice, why bother whether the cat is black or white?

    We should learn from our women friends.

    Got bosom reveal cleavage.

    Got tiny waist wear tight fitting dresses.

    Got legs wear slits or hot pants!

    1. Got money. Show branded stuffs all over the body. he he

  2. Hi CW8888,

    For above average wage earner, "boh tang kong". No need take risk if don't want to.

    Anyone average to below average have to tikam, tikam in Stock Market one.

    If not work in KFC or Big Mac when retired lol.

  3. Uncle8888,

    I'm definitely not a role model for focus on human capital return ... max annual salary only $80K! Only thing fortunate is that I hit that number quite early & maintain it for most of my 17-yr working life.

    Looking at my ex-bosses & some relatives, of course best situation is increasing high pay + stable organisation environment. Next best will be high pay + ability to navigate / endure difficult organisation(s) environment! LOL!

    Not surprising those millennials who kena GFC, oil/commodity crash, and now Covid cannot wait to escape, by any means necessary. Populism, greater political divides, xenophobia, universal basic income, anti-globalisation, localisation, bigger govt interventions etc etc.

    Singapore still not too drastic, but you can see more populist policies now. ;)

    1. SMOL : But then again, just as long as the cat can catch mice, why bother whether the cat is black or white?

      You meow loudly?

      Populist polices including increasing workfare, transport, utilities vouchers and more discount for seniors and CDC vouchers to support neighbour stalls. LOL!

    2. i just wonder FED RES of USA can just print money & QE anything in their country, why not other countries?

      Singapore can?

    3. In fact, Germany (i read) is planning to give everyone universal basic income without means testing.

    4. Hi Spur,

      I'm guessing you are either a civil servant or engineer. Many people in these professions enjoy high starting pay but stagnant salary after several years on the job.

      To live on your investment gains after 17 years of work is a challenging task. Your human capital is active money management, not a salary job. Different human capital from the conventional human capital that people have in mind but still a form of return on human capital.

    5. Hyom,

      LOL, a bit of both. Not to be too depressing for those civil servants or engineers, but can rise to high pay. Just that I hated going up the mgmt route with the PC-ing, wayanging & 3-legging. :P

      For the 2nd half of working life, I probably spent more attention on properties & investments. Like I said, I ain't no role model! Kekeke!!

    6. Hi Spur,

      Ah ... you are engineer too. If you can make enough money working for yourself, it doesn't make much sense to continue working for others as a 3-leg ball carrier, even if it's a high-paying management job. Hahaha.

      You continue to have fun in the 2nd half of your working life. Kekeke.

      Do you have a blog or participate actively in other internet forums, social media, telegram? You are an interesting character. Hohoho.

  4. LOL! Hoho hope still got populist ang paos when I can qualify for them... ;)

  5. There is another way to see it. Return on financial assets from active money management should also be seen as a measure of human capital. Active money management is a skill. It is human capital too. So, when investment returns from active management exceeds job salary consistently for multiple years, it is logical to switch to full-time active money management.

    Focusing on human capital is correct. Identifying and focusing on the correct one is key.

    1. Own Family Office fund mgr and paid out some cash for expenses. :-)

  6. A skill (active money management) that can be learned or like art or music, either U are blessed with it or U are not?

    U can be a frugal person but not necessary good at money management. Which usually ties in with investing your money lol.

    1. Trading or investing skill all can be learnt. To reach Mastery is another thing! Not all who learn and keep learning can reach that level; otherwise all professors teaching investment courses or trainers selling investment courses all are very rich and multi-millionaires or billionaires!


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