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Monday, 10 August 2020

One Uncommon Act Of Kindness! (9)

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Uncle8888 was the only one approaching the empty bus stop shelter and he saw .....


Quickly look around for Gotcha moment. 

Nobody leh!

He opened the purse. Got few red packets, tissue paper and some money. No ID!

Jialiat! How to return to the owner?

Pick up coin or note can keep. Right?

Lost property like wallet etc. has to report to Police. Right?

BTW; Uncle8888 was free and has some spare time to spend. He also had strong feeling that owner could have hurried up to the bus and left the purse behind and might come back to look for it.

So Uncle8888 sat very close to purse to give an impression that purse is his and continued to surf his mobile to pass time.

Not long; two old ladies stopped in front of him and spoke in Chinese "My purse".

Uncle8888 told her he has waited for her to come back; and lucky she came or else he has to go to Police post to report lost and found item and create paperwork for Police as it is unlikely for Police to find the owner of the purse. LOL!

Bus came! We took the same bus! Ha ha!


  1. Kudos! 👍

    But damn obiang if uncle really go around carrying fuchsia coloured purse! LOL!!

    1. LOL! Talk about late-life crisis...

      But then, how many more years do we have?

      If want to be lao hero, if not now, when?

      Hmm... Maybe I should start wearing pink like Mr Pinky?

  2. Ha!Ha!

    It's not only obiang, it can be a suspiciously, even a sinisterly sight to passerbys.

    Really don't ever think to be a Good Samaritan is easy. Even U are.

    i mean while U are checking the purse, anything can happen.

    Even when U are on the way to the police station, something can happen too.

    Good Samaritan is not easy to be even if U are.

    Take what i say as imagination that can be acted out in a movie.

    Anyway it is really hard to be a good Samaritan, at times.

    But i still think it is blessed to be a Good Samaritan with all possible mistaken, misunderstandings.

    If possible to take precautions, take lol.

    If not possible, God bless the GOOD Samaritan lol. Always.


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