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Monday, 23 September 2019

Bigger Businesses Have Better Capabilities To Strive For Survival

temperament 22 September 2019 at 19:54:00 GMT+8

Yes, which of the companies will survive?

Real solid businesses which people will need no matter what will happens with the economy or market?


Read? Fundamental Analysis : As Outsiders How Far Into The Future Can We Analyze Company Business?

Coming to two years soon!.

What he observed how bigger F&B businesses can have better resources or/and capability to strive for survival across cycle of boom and doom and tough F&B competition and changing consumer taste buds.

From 16 down to 12 and then slowly recovered at 1 outlet at a time to current 15 outlets.

1. Four outlets had closed shop and vacated.

2. Two outlets have re-branded themselves; but after a few months also closed shop and vacated.

3. One has re-branded and still surviving

4. Five new brand outlets started.

Hmm ... bigger is better?

Invest in small cap, mid cap or large cap or blue chips?

You decide!


  1. Hi Uncle8888,

    Hoho, if investing in individual blue chips, need to assess quality of revenue & cashflows too.

    Otherwise wait happy happy hold onto things like SPH, Singpost, Starhub :)

    Unless it's blue chip ETF like STI then can bochap --- auto self-renewal.

    Many "blue chips" currently many times bigger than Keppel (S$11B mkt cap) are prime candidates to go bankrupt in the next big recession:

    Uber --- S$76B (bigger than DBS!)
    Snapchat --- S$32B
    Lyft --- S$18B
    Tesla --- S$59B
    Wework --- S$14B (much reduced from S$65B !!)
    Grab --- S$19B (private equity & Temasek darling)
    Gojek --- S$13B (private equity & Temasek darling)
    AirBnB --- S$43B (although it has self-declared unaudited razor-thin 3.5% profit margin in 2018)

    1. That is/was why did not put all my money in 2008/2009 even though dividends income at that horrible time would be more than enough if I put all my money in.

      Who can tell all the things that can happen to blue Chips 5 to 10 years down the road.

      Chinese saying, " See good, then collect".(Of course may missed all the baggers but money is in your hand. So can always try for the next bagger again).

      There are always something good to buy if U have the cash.

      How about the IPO on 25 Sept?

      Buy or bye?

      Or U don't buy IPO?

    2. i do but very 4Ks (kiasi, kiasu, kiaboh, Kia Cheng hoo)

      This means i very seldom subscribe to IPO😕🤔😜😜

  2. FYI.

    Thomas Cook has just busted. A 178 years old Birtish Blue Chip Company. And reported 600,000 air travellers got stranded.
    So much for Blue Chip.

  3. That's why must diversify, cannot bet all on a few blue chips. Blue chips can also turn into blue black chips.

    Keppel is a blue black chip for me.
    (Different gems for different times. And we don't have the crystal ball.)

    1. So was NOL.

      Nevertheless i did make a bundle or 2 before like what U said, " Different gems for different times. And we don't have the crystal ball."

      Remember there were many other smaller Singapore banks before Singapore banks consolidation.

      And Keppel bank was one of them that I got a tiny bundle not because I got the crystal ball but the G 's bank conslidations to only 2 or 3 bigger banks to compete with so many bigger foreign banks.

      Do U remember DBS Land was another before it became DBS CAPITAL LAND.

      i was much younger and naive then. i was selling and i talk to and old man who was buying like hot cakes.

      Look to me now, he somehow must have a crystal ball .

      Knowing DBS LAND got a growing bright future.

      This is a case of experience in investing counts.

      Will there be another gem like DBS LAND?

      Even if there is, who has the crystal ball?

      Can your experience reall helps?

  4. Ah Kong DBs did try to swallow OCBC then but nothing happened.

    So do U think Ah Kong will try again?

    OCBC unlike UOB is more diverse than family own.

    1. In fact at that time UOB tried to merge with OCBC too. Aka to swallow OCBC. Nothing happened too.

      Maybe History will repeat one day but we don't know when. And whether we are still around to witness or take a very very tiny part.

    2. i know somebody who has bought OCBC longtime ago and never sell.

      They want to give it to the next generation.

    3. Malaysia Public Bank may have made many early retail investors millionaires. Anyone personally know someone in Malaysia still holding on to Public Bank shares?


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