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Saturday, 7 September 2019

So hard to sell! (2)

Read? So hard to sell!

Read? How to Hold a multi-bagger?

Buy, Right and Hold and then becomes so hard to sell!

Uncle8888 also find so hard to sell his Three Little Pigs to the Wolf!

Why like that?

Lacking in ...




Freehold. So can bo chap?

Endowment bias is far too strong?

"Passive" income at MINIMUM yield on cost @ 6.3% p.a. for life over 42 years till 85 age old.

It is better than his RA Minimum Sum yearly payout with variable higher payout.

Hmm ..

RA Minimum Sum: A lifetime of CPF contributions till 55 after 34 years as employee

Three Little Pigs : 20 years as retail investor taking emotional roller coaster ride up and down through market cycles and periodically hearing bad news and then time to sell and finding so hard to sell! Sigh!

Are we smart trader or dumb investor?

Can we really become mutually inclusive as smart trader and smart investor at the same time?

Can we still find potential multi-baggers with implementation of trailing stops to protect profits over market and economic cycles?


  1. Hi Uncle8888,

    Freehold endowment bias basically raises pain threshold! Kekeke!!!

    So you're mentally prepared for -60% drawdown in event of financial crisis type bear markets.

    Preservation against a temporary 3-5 year paper loss in your existing stock positions is not such a key consideration. Especially when viewed as a portfolio approach with your other CPF assets & war chest.

    I can see 2 factors to consider:
    (1) Permanent or near-permanent loss of capital due to significant impairment/disruption of company or industry fundamentals.

    What if any of your piggies slowly become like NOL, Starhub, SPH, or SMRT & M1 (privatisation or re-nationalisation)?

    (2) Yield decay or impairment.

    What if yields go below RA for 2-3 consecutive years?

    Unfortunately cannot recycle into RA or SA!

    Maybe recycle into leveraged REITs! LOL!! 🤣😛

    1. LoL. One day become dementia. No care about market anymore

    2. i recommend to take one to two daily after food-DANEURON. It is Vitamin B1, B6 & B12.

      So far no side effects for taking more than 25 years for me and wify.


    3. Polyclinic doctor said take one is O.K.

  2. What about B&S a few B/B cycles on Keppel Corp. Maybe 2 to 3.

    Just like I did with NOL too.

    And many others.

    i made serious money especially on NOL at it's prime years. Er...Lost a little when Ah Kong decided to abandon this ship.

    This is really B&S BB cycles for me lol.

    i agree my style can hardly capture multi baggers.

    But then i had escaped the Bear's trap most of the times.


    1. Don't lose money after lifetime of investing is good already

  3. Thanks.

    Actually made if not where got FH 474sq rental property.

    The rent now sucks.

    At the beginning the rent was quite good $2450/month.

    That's why i say REITS may be better - no encumberance form BB.

    Now My Con TU Tiok lah.

  4. Thanks.

    But knowing you for i think more than 5 years on blog sphere, i have said it before, everything being equivalent, U really do better.

  5. Remember being DINK & ND when i fist started in 1987, i dumped all we have into the market except my maisonette.

    Can not do like that again.


  6. Ha! Ha!

    U know I am DIY (being trained as a technical person)

    So i am DIY my health too.

    Failed, then see doctor

    So is almost everything in my life-if i can DIY,i DIY lol.

    Wait a minute, DIY can also mean learn from anyone,anywhere and then do the practical, myself.

  7. FYI,

    This Vitamin B complex is actually the favourite dispensed from Orthopedic Doctor. i learn from.

    Go and Google to see help to prevent Dementia or not?
    And what's the benefits and side effects if any?


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