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Tuesday, 3 September 2019

Market Timing And Attending Investment Training Courses

Market timing is applicable to attending investment training course too! 

If you happened to attend any investment training course in 2006; you have won shiok shiok till end 2007. 


My trainers bagus man! 

You see how much money I have made! Highly recommended! 

Here is testimonial!

Someone told Uncle8888 during his kopi session that he made $200K profits in 2007; but lost back that $200K profits and currently sitting on total net $300K losses in his investment portfolio.

What if you happened to attend any investment training course in mid 2008. You hosey liao!

You can proudly produce your testimonial to prove that the course is really bagus! Got multi-baggers some more! 

Who still say market timing is not important?


  1. i think if U bought SP 500 only once in your lifetime, U are still subjected to market timing in terms of when U needed to cash out. 1 to 20, 30 years time?

    So when U need money U are lucky if the market hit a new peak in Bull market.

    So why can't we choose to buy and sell in our own time?

  2. In investment blogosphere, how often do we read about retail losing six digits summit money. What we often read just huat ah or dividends coming.

    What we know on losers is just tip of iceberg.

    Why limit CPFIS to 35%?

    Current generation don't understand why?

    1. CW,

      Its good to have you sharing the Ying/Yang perspective of investing ;)

      If not, newcomers and bei kambings may think its sure win one...

      Big daddy has already "tarik back" their good intentions to have the majority of Singaporeans own equities due to "low" CPF returns...

      That SingTel shares "lelong sale" to everyone and anyone will not happen again. It was refreshing to admit CPFIS is not "fit for purpose". Respect!

      Now the pendulum has swung to the other side. I'm pleasantly surprised with the "promotion" of CPF voluntary contribution to bei kambings. I guess not losing in nominal terms is better than losing half your CPF in the stock market!

  3. i understand and also don't understand leh.

    Especially when i in a cloud in the market.

    Frankly at times i am tempted to withdraw all my withdrawal CPF money. So that i contol everything for better or for worse.

    Wait a minute, i don't own any bond outside CPF.

    Is CPF my Bond and the safest place to park my money for a Firewall Sale in the next Black Swan?

    Who doesn't need assets allotments?

    Who is 100% male chicken sure in the market?

    Ke,ke, ke,

    1. Talking about control...was just thinking may be better to withdraw everything and buy in cash. Why use CPFIS with extra charges? Yes?...No?

    2. Until the bank saving account interests rise well above 2.5%, using cpfis refund as war chest is still attractive for those above 55. Those extra charges are negligible compared to 2.5 % compounding interests earned in CPF OA.

      Hmm ..

      Counting in more than 2 decimal places. Mai tio poke later hor!

    3. Don't worry, i count with 10 fingers and 10 toes the result is the same i think with people who use high to higher maths.

  4. To share how 4 Ks i was/am, since day one (30 years ago), I never touch CPF OA one until there is a Black Swan Fire Sale?


    1. Why must risk my 2.5% OA interest when no need to risk?

      Black Swan? Ah.....

    2. Uncle Temperament,

      "Why must risk my 2.5% OA interest when no need to risk?" Totally agree!


      "What we know on losers is just tip of iceberg."

      Yeah, so many huat cases in blogosphere, macam the popular bloggers are all gurus haha. I like to read about mistakes, it's only when we know what is failure can we be successful. 失败乃成功之母

    3. Or maybe they have invested for 20 years, only blog recently for 2 years so the past failures were not published but only the glam portfolio after "walking out of failure" got published. :P


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