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Saturday, 21 September 2019

How to know you have achieved Mastery?

Read? How to know you have achieved Mastery?

How do I know?

Uncle8888 has been tracking and measuring so he has 20 years worth of data points to review.

He also has his war chest deployment plan ready for the next bear market.

He then stress tested his investment portfolio for the next crisis!

Compare the last crisis actual with the stress test result for the next crisis and se what is difference?

Mastery is the difference!

Hee hee!


  1. Hi Uncle8888,

    If you can relive the 07-08 period, what would you have done differently to prevent a plunge from 157% to 15%?

    How did you derive the projected plunge value (41%)?

    Seeking some enlightenments. :)

    1. Coz Uncle8888 targeting next Big Bear bottom to be 1850-1900, roughly -48% from 2018 highs? 😛

      Hence a portfolio at 274% will drop to 141% 😉

      Check out his STI major points chart, heehee!

  2. Thanks Spur for your reply.

    Wa... Maybe a big black swan event? :P

  3. Moral of the story I guess is emotional and risk management.

  4. Never got caught with 40 to 50 % down with my portfolio except 2008/2009, by surprise.

    Fortunately got QE.

    i don't know how i still survive and around to fight the next battle.

    Many market forecasters(aka fortune tellers?) and some Gurus too, say it (the next black swan) will be worse

    than 2008/2009 because of QE, etc... the debt market is so much worse than 2008/2009........Hmmmm...

    And overall future market's return will be not so lucrative as before as work out by the Academicians because of QE & trade war?

    Me just a OPMI or worse "POP & MOM" retail investor, tikum, tikum, in the markets, lah.

    Don't lose money first happy liu.

    The rest depends on ???

    1. Next crisis. FED can't lower interest rate anymore. May be government gives everyone 10k to spend. LOL

  5. Ha! Ha!


    They say already Negative interest rate in Bond market in some parts of Europe.


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