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Sunday, 8 September 2019

How Come Investing Courses Can't Be Advertised Like Skills Future Courses??? (2)

Read? How Come Investing Courses Can't Be Advertised Like Skills Future Courses???

Out of curiosity; Uncle8888 went to search that email which is offending FAs and then .... LOL!

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How to avoid dangerous stocks like Hyflux 

Walau! Snake oil marketing at the best!

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Read? The Hyflux story so far

Whoever can foresee Hyflux woes is God of Investors!


  1. Agree.

    The same as can U see how your KeppelCorp going to be in another 3 to 5 years time.

    For me i can.

    Err.... Sorry i mean can see no one escape Death & Taxes. Oh after this coming Election, "Goh Say Tax" will surely be 9%. BB already warn U all beforehand. Right? Write already into history book.

    Don't say afterwards, after Election U are not informed.
    Actually this is Papaya's political tactics or strategy for a long , long time.

  2. Another words U are willing even after i told U what is going to happen to U.

    Blame who?

    Blame U or me lol.

  3. Actually i am looking forward to own some Keppel Corp again (In my watch list)

  4. Ya lol, i just missed the recent 52 wk low to lowest price.

    And she recovers so much, so fast.

    Still very strong leh.


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