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Friday, 27 September 2019

Long Term Investing : The Past Is NOT Present. The Present is NOT the Future! That is WHY it is very tough to be BUY and HOLD!!!

Read? 2 Reasons I Find It Difficult to Invest in Keppel Corporation Limited

The Foolish bottom line

I think Keppel Corporation is still a worthwhile company to study further, mainly because of the diversity of its income sources. But personally, I find its declining financial performance and volatile dividend payout hard to stomach.

Lumpy dividends payout hard to stomach???

It is NOT until you have personally experienced and taken these Panadols into your stomach. How bad is the stomach upset???

How bad can it be?

The Past is NOT Present. The Present is NOT the Future.

Tough to be buy and hold for Panadols!


  1. Replies
    1. CW,


      This Keppel is a good case study of different perspective, different opinion ;)

      For someone who has bought Keppel during anytime during 2012 when the share price was above $10, its a dismal tale of lower dividends and lower share price...

      Why did you buy into Keppel again? Definitely not, "I'll breakeven one day..." I bet!

      STI isn't in a bear market yet you are already down -40%? If STI goes into a -20% bear market from current level, would Keppel break $5?

      For CW, its a different story ;)

      His "embarassment" is probably letting a 10 bagger turned into a 6 bagger - no more bragging rights :(

      Even if Keppel sinks below $5, he'll sleep well just as long got panadols to take before bedtime.

      Only time to panic is probably if Keppel breaks $2...

      Would he let a profitable position turn into a loss for all to see?

      Or would he sell at below $2 knowing he has let a 10 bagger turned into less than 2 bagger?

      Cannot kick the can down the road hiding behind Buy-and-Hold liao!

      Anyone still want to dismiss market timing?

    2. For truly superior return , we have to master market timing and as many rounds of entries and exits.

    3. That's why one Guru said, " Besides deep pockets and Lady's Luck ( God's blessings if U are a believer), U should have Longevity.

      That's how many BB cycles can U have in your life?

    4. Nevermind, Uncle8888 war plans are not like others. He still got plenty of big guns & nuclear option on standby!

      Those troops currently out on the battlefield are penal battalions & small unit specops --- naturally expect a lot of casualties while providing small victories along the way. And most importantly to provide "skin in the battle" signals of when to deploy big guns or go nuclear. LOL!!


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