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Thursday, 22 August 2019

You Want To Know More About Peter Lynch's Investing Quotes???

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  1. Hi Uncle8888,

    Haha, the man that (almost) never came across a stock he didn't like. :)

    A coincidence ... I just finished re-listening to his One Up On Wall St audiobook (narrated by Lynch himself), and am reminded how he approaches stocks like how an investigative reporter tracks down & develops a local story.

    I think people don't put enough emphasis on his "pruning & rotation" and "sell & switch" from poor performers to good performers strategy. Although Lynch's style is to be super patient as long as the story remains good, and not to cut totally even if the story deteriorates.

    Oh yeah his famous quote that no stock professionals want to repeat: "buy a house before investing in stocks" LOL!

    "Buy what you know" -- his most misquoted quote

    I find it funny at the end of the book when Lynch mentioned about general public expecting another Great Depression, and that the economy was already in the early stages of a depression in 1989 when the book was published. I guess each generation always fights the same demon. His optimism on US economy, capitalism, longterm prosperity etc reminds me of Buffett LOL!

    1. Best about him. He knew when to quit and maintain track record for future generations to break. :-)

  2. CW,


    Knowing when to quit when we are ahead is the secret to immortality ;)

    Like 刘文正 and 江蕙.

    Some stars overstayed their welcome; its sad to see their diminished states trying to make ends meet...

    I hope when the time comes, I too will have the wisdom to walk away from investing and trading.

  3. Heh heh ... he still has a investing track record, but this one for his eyes only! LOL!

    I think the main thing for him is that he is able to control greed --- till today he has never been a billionaire or even a half-billionaire --- a status that has become the "norm" among investing gurus.

    Not forgetting that the last 3 years from 1987-1990 was incredibly mentally taxing and ultimately physically taxing for him.

    But hey! He retired at age 46 a multi-hundreds-millionaire!!


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