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Friday, 2 August 2019

Investors Turned $100k into $375k by Investing in This Blue-Chip Stock

Read? Investors Turned $100k into $375k by Investing in This Blue-Chip Stock

Uncle8888 smiled when he realized it is DBS!

Classic hindsight wisdom investment article!

Like that; he can also write like this . LOL!

One uncle from Hougang HDB heartland turned $100K into $507K by investing in DBS during SARS period in Apr 2003. His purchase price is $7.53. Total dividends received per share is $11.93 and capital gains per share at today closing price is $18.72

No lah. That is just half truth on the real battle ground in the stock market!

Theory is just theory! We are controlled by our own emotions. 

Real people. Real outcome!

Real DBS investing stories!

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You can see that Uncle8888's lampar also dropped during 2009!

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  1. CW,

    These articles are for bei kambings lah. We were once like them. Then we got punched in the face and discover crash got sound!


    If don't make investing sound so "easy", who would fork out money so vested interests can earn commissions and fees?

    Of course snake oils don't mention Hyflux, Creative, NOL, Chartered Semicon, Olam, Noble...

    Those holding on to SPH must be wondering will it joing the club?

    Nah! Nation building, big daddy won't let it fail one...

    Wait. I seem to heard it before?

    1. Hi SMOL,

      They will learn from QE & MMT & other new age econs to lobby the govt and SPH to create good SPH & bad SPH. Bad SPH will take on the lousy assets i.e. nation-building media, and be nationalised under MCA (just like Mediacorp). Good SPH will contain the growth & "good" assets (looks like properties lol) and continue to be held & traded publicly.

      I.e. privatise the profits & socialise the losses LOL! Nevermind we can afford lah ... gst 9% in a few years hahaha :)

      PS: Anybody in S'pore ever wondered how other "old age" media companies are still able to thrive? E.g. NYT recently hit all time highs, & I doubt if they went into properties in a big way ;)

    2. SPH once was in big in property development and just re-doing those good old days

    3. Spur,

      I'm not so sure big daddy will allow SPH to bash big daddy to attract new subscribers...

      Remember that website created by a young Singaporean and his Japanese girlfriend in Australia to bash big daddy (fake news)?

      Made $1.5 milion in just 18 months from the advertisements. Power!

      Maybe the guy did not do NS or forgotten the No.1 rule in Army - can do anything you want; just don't get caught!


  2. Singapore is so small... The G definitely wants to "control & influnce" what is going on in the NEWS Sphere.


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