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Thursday, 15 August 2019

What is actually market timing???

Often we are hearing FAs or vested interest telling us not to time the market but stay invested for long term.

1. What is actually market timing? 

2. What is stay invested for long term?

Uncle8888 has been staying invested for 20 years and definitely qualified to be classified as long term investor. No meh???

Why long-term investor cannot be timing the market? Wrong meh?

Is this long-term investing and timing the market mutually exclusive?

You believe in FAs and Vested interest selling investment products?

You don't time the market but stay invested for long term.  

Hmm .. they worry about redemption if you time the market???

Time the market and stay invested for long term is like this. No?


  1. For me it was from 1987/8 till now.

    Some cycles were better, some so, some so.

    This time I missed in between cycles.

    Though this cycles is said to be 10 years already.

    So for me the the shorter the cycle, the better.

    Meanwhile just nimble bread crumbs fallen from table.


  2. Hi Uncle8888,

    Too many vested interests ... includes both buy & forget as well as buy, sell, buy, sell :)

    Those who earn on trading commissions will have "special whatsapp group" to tell you when to buy & when to sell. Which hot names are sure to gap up & surge, and better sell your mediocre stocks to buy this hot one first!

    Agents & FAs aiming to hit sales bonuses (or keep their jobs) will hint to sell your current old-fashioned endowment or ILP or wholelife, and buy their brand-new shiny 100% improved plans with 1,000 features. LOL!

    1. Hmm .. once my FA advised to take profit on one ILP and switched to another ILP. Real happening.

    2. Hmm, most ILPs allow switching or re-allocation of internal funds at no cost (the build-in annual fees are more than high enough LOL!).

      If FA meant canceling/closing existing ILP and open a new one, that's churning & illegal under SF and FA Acts. Hoho!

  3. Exactly!

    No one way is the best way.

    Not only the shoes should fit U, U must like what U are wearing.

    NVM how other people's shoes fit them.

    It's not that understanding SIPs is so hard, it's just not in my blood. i am the type that doesn't like to chiong, chiong, chiong every now and then. i like to laze around more than anything. Looking here, looking there, enjoy window shopping even if i am not buying anything now.

    The only time I took SGX's SIP quiz, I got 85%. At least i know i got the basic IQ. In practice, is that so hard? Just lost a bit of money or more lol to be good at it. But no interest or will power or liking to explore further. Especially not when I am decending the mountain now.


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