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Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Over the last 20 years; what has changed in training courses for "passive" income for early retirement or retirement income???

In those days; it was option trading for "passive" income for early retirement or retirement income. The famous and most popular school of option trading kena sued and now the "Guru" is changed man! Lesson learnt or crash got sound! LOL!

Another one tio reprimanded by MAS and also disappeared. 

A blogging world friend also started option trading but quietly switched gear to teach investing as trading is harder!

You can't be wrong with option trading as most options will expire worthless. Collecting premiums is passive income. Right?

Hmm .. in those days. FIRE is not invented yet!

Recent years; new movement for FIRE or early retirement or retirement income; it is dividend income from S-REITs.

Capital not enough to generate your desired level of income stream. 

Don't worry. Just leverage up with your margin account!

Nothing to scare!

Margin calls are manageable. There ways to make it safe! Won't bankrupt one!

Those were days is option trading. This time is different!

It is income from S-REITs. 

Look at the number of different "school" teaching this popular method of income for FIRE, early retirement or retirement income.


  1. Heheh, selling naked puts or covered calls is definitely not passive income.

    Neither is leveraging LOL!

    Both cases you need sizeable cash to be able to hedge or cover. And you need to know which counters are suitable for options or leveraging.

    Done right, expect only modest income (compared to size of capital). If you expect big income or big gains, that means something is wrong (or will go wrong). šŸ˜‰

  2. CW,

    One thing is CONSTANT despite all the old wine in new bottle sleight of hand during every bull/bear cycle - new "gurus" will pop-up like mushrooms to help "others" get rich.

    That's how the "guru" gets rich themselves ;)

    Bei kambings never notice so never ask WHY its always NEW gurus every bull/bear cycle???


  3. In short, if U found the goose that lays the golden eggs, would U keep it secret or announce to the world?

    Besides, is there such a goose?

    Have been looking until now but mostly at our NLB in the past, now too lazy Liu, fortunately there is something call the NET. JUST BECAREFUL WHAT U READ?

    1. temperament,

      If one is good, he/she will be recruited by hedge or mutual funds - everyone loves a talent!

      Even better ones will start their own hedge funds - why be a shepherd when you can be a landowner yourself?

      You only write books or share your insights when you have retired from the industry - here's looking at you Peter Lynch ;)

      In our corporate jobs, we seek the advice of those who have made it INSIDE our industry.

      Only in personal finance where we'll find bei kambings seek the advice from those who are OUTSIDE the industry!?

      One thing is certain, I don't share my positions to others lightly ;)

    2. Hmmm .. can share position s through monthly or annual subscription. Follow me and huat!

  4. Ya, subscribe and pay fees first then U can huat following me.

  5. Remember Madoff, he actually did not invest in anything at all and yet all the very rich queing up to give him šŸ’° to invest.

    So bluffing ordinary citizens is not that difficult.

  6. Maybe I know what do bei kaming mean. Thanks

    1. Kambing means "goat" in Indonesian, Filipino and Malay languages

      Bei is white in Chinese

      Mixing Chinese "Bei " and Malay "Kambing". We have white goat!

      Hmm ... not sure we can find pure white goat.

      So here confusing white sheep as white goat with bei kambing.

      Why do we call people sheep?

      It nominally is supposed to indicate that the person being called a 'sheep' or 'sheeple' is docile, compliant, and easily influenced, basically mindlessly following the herd without thinking.

      Got it?

      so chim. :-)


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